Zakk Wylde.


From the nothingness of lounging about for yourself and declaring a sense of zenith towards a bright future, there goes Jeffrey Philip Wielandt, most preferably known as Zakk Wylde, with his upswings of a solo guitarist coping with the mixture of Metal and Country; following famous footsteps and combating basically his own touch to the sphere he founded by himself as a young boy. It was his first appearance as a wholeheartedly driven guitarist that found the right path of going behind the tails of John Michael Osbourne, aka known as Ozzy Osbourne, yet another ravaging lead guitarist of the pioneering band of Heavy Metal, Black Sabbath, a latter who has been cited and entitled proudly with several monikers in accordance with his prominently remarkable career as “Prince of Darkness” and “Godfather of Heavy Metal”.

Now enough with this infamously prodigy of both times; of now and then, Zakk when he maintained his status in between the worlds of the ethereal clash of Metal and Country, it was his own prelude when he still barely summoned his band; in 1996 he launched his Book of Shadows album that was a complete dedication to the ethereal soul of Country, then later on as a pending famous figure to approach to the vast world of Metal, he still entangled himself proudly by approaching Ozzy’s live Tours, repeating most of his very famous songs and playing them according to his tone and infatuations, he then kickstarted his cornerstone of a credulous disposition that wanted to play guitar since childhood, in 1998; it was the launch of The Black Label Society, and Zakk as of his versatile inclination to making a protean sense of flux in his thread of laying guitar, the band launched its first album Sonic Brew in 1999 as a Sludge Metal, the genre which Zakk chose to enter this world of versatility and powerful representations, then dabbled later on solely between Metal and Heavy Metal occasionally, it was just a look on his multi-faceted profile.

Zakk and his features with several artists round the globe; and despite the genre he collaborated with, he gained extra credits and faced several lashing opprobrium that cited him as one of the most influential guitarists of all time sooner to enter history with his rod preferences and infused style to music and incredible compositions to the worlds of Metal and Country.

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