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What is Tragedy?

The scenery of tragedy instigates several points of tackle, a fact that is of no detachment of drama, such realm focuses heavily on the cessation that always ends in a sorrowful depiction of the true meaning of lamentation tastefully, one is to taste the bitterness of tragic life, whether in a theatrical way or real life; the point is to further such state of contemplation with low profile expectancy about the energetic strides, life challenges and life realizations as well which accordingly to tragedy; one is obliged to follow what their hearts tell them, the traits they were brought with, the Qualities they gained throughout life and eventually the features intertwined for a better personality throughout the age of reasoning.

The difference between one’s positivity and negativity is what relates them to life, their intuitions and drives, passions and integration are the main consideration for the next stage of penetrating the outer layer of over thinking life’s regulations in a plateau of tragic either normally or enthusiasm as well normally, though under the thumb of drama that brought about several of characters to be taken to a gradual development, still tragedy is one pure thoughtfulness to carry and face the globe of interpretations with instant response to the turbulent life challenges.

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Aboubakar Mihoubi

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