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What is Drama?

Drama as a word was first introduced in the Greek culture, which means “to perform” or “to act”. Drama is one of the popular forms that audience prefers most of the time, however, it loses its main characteristics if it were separated from theater, because it is written in order to be performed by actors, and the performance is the only thing that brings Drama to life. Drama reflects the social realities and issues to the audience through a dialogue that actors are committed to once they are assigned to the role.

The ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, introduced the word “Drama” in his article the Poetics. In this work he attempted to differentiate between different types of poetry, by taking into consideration their form of purpose, his use of the term “Drama” was to describe a certain type of poetry that was written in order to be performed in the “theatron” However he did not stop only by describing the term drama in general but he went one step further by highlighting its types, according to Aristotle drama has two types, and those types are associated with how the audience reacts towards the play, if the audience end up laughing; this means that it is comedy but if they sense fear or sorrow, that is then tragedy.

Though originating during the period of ancient Greek, it was adopted again to refer to specific form off theater which was created hinder 18th century called “Le Drame» the theoretical form emphasizes the moral seriousness of life and encourages reflection upon the norms and mores of French society.

Both themes and issues that appears in the content reflects a growing culture emphasis on the flop in a better society, a society that is fair and symbolizes enlightenment, this type of Theatre had dominated throughout the 19th and 20th and the  century, the style was defended by the famous French Theatre theorist “Denis Diderot” Denis believed that drama needs to be more realistic if it intends to move the audience feelings and only then drama will become influential.

Drama has a lot of elements that is shared with other literary genres. Example both fiction and drama focuses on one or a few main characters who enjoy success after failure characters face challenges and obstacles and they deal in addition many dramatic Works was written in prose as is fiction because the purpose of drama is to reflect social issues and this purpose obliges the writers to use everyday language in order make sure that the message is delivered.

There is a historical relationship between drama and poetry, both genres develop situations through language, a well-respected number of plays was written using poetic language, especially old plays from ancient cultures, the Greeks and European place during Renaissance era in the 19th century.

Playwrights of traditional drama uses language in order to reveal the character’s conflict and relationships with other characters, through soliloquy and aside or dialogue. Those elements are used also to reveal intimate details loves, hopes, plans, hatreds and deepest thought.

The words are used to employ such revelation, needs a precise extrication which needs many layers of meaning, those words need to fit the circumstances place and time of the play, for example: the protagonist of the death of a salesman “ Willy Loman” uses the language used in modern America, but “Hamlet” the Shakespearian character speaks Elizabethan blank verse. Moreover, dramatists utilize dialect, idiom, jargon, accent and cliché in order to reveal character’s characteristics.

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