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what is Comedy?

The figure of entertainment differ from one point of view to another, in the name of comedy and what stands for it is to be a huge deal of explaining the genre of comedy in accordance with drama, real life and theatrical sceneries are the major measures that elaborately touch the bottom line of comedy by defining its state, messages and profiles to be conveyed, a state of laughter and mirth with continuous commitment to this genre effectively.

Comedy in its broad meaning is the intermarriage of life’s burden, misery and merriment into one segment, manageably profiling the path of comedy as more than a form of pure laughter, but also a lifestyle that resulted in recurring themes such as boredom, repetitive life challenges and dull behaviorism that killed the spirits of a logically sane life, consequently; life is more of a lyrical sort of challenges, and Comedy is just a form of confronting it by the mere choice.

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Aboubakar Mihoubi

A well-driven writer of very crucial topics to several fields, Literature, Social backgrounds of Nations and Civilizations.

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