I am recently writing a short story for the first time ever, as I am willing to participate in a big event with it, and I want to talk to you about this little short story of mine. In a fictitious world with fictional characters, an Evil power that is affiliated with the auhtority come to permeate, spread evil everywhere in a small town county Armada, an earnest curiously driven hero named Nathan is actually a commodity and a smart individual unlike any other one in the entire community, he instantly feels suspicious activities and clenches his fist and decides to discover everything about this designated organzation, alonsgide his affable and clumsy friend Jessy; who helps him alongside the odyssey they are willing to take, other mild characters are to be picked and named by you; whatever you feel like making it, you’re totally free.

The end takes its occurrence in a bloody battle that only Nathan survives, battles viciously and causes all Evil power to come to an end, he exposes both authority and Evil organization connivance that meant to take over that town in awe and terror in what only turned out to be an establishment of Alien invasion in a brazen disguise of human beings, feeding on the resourcefulness and graces of that little town.

Disclaimer: This is a game for everyone to play, the best story and other greater ones will have their own place published and accredited with the owners’ names superimposed proudly.

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