The Epitome of Evil in the Armada Town.

The Entire Summary of the Novel.

Chapter One

Imminence in Dismay

The Armada town wakes up to a deathly piece of information that the little commodity Nathan and young protagonist that has always alluded to as he sensed way too perilous activities in the town, a sense of jeopardy that evil was denoting sheer destruction in no time, Nathan then embarks upon his journey of finding out more about such turbulent activities that constantly hemmed the town in drastic atmosphere of the badly grown both liveliness and livelihood of the towners; it got to be minimalized and stingy in terms of everything, and that of the insipidly careworn folks who happened to be asleep through a gas and some satanic rituals that the beast Armada insinuated every now and then to secure his master plan of earth’s total erosion and its endless graces.

And the imminence in dismay as it strongly effects the backbone of the protagonist’s motion and his wimpish friend Jessy when they impartially deal with their intrusion into the beast’s haven, the Abandoned Area where Armada resided and hid along his staunchly demonic resolution in a small ragged-like house of drab woods, and across each direction Armada’s house set itself; it always emanated a sense of badness, and that which imminently triggers Nathan to bring about a lethal cessation to his town. Nathan notwithstanding his ponderous contemplation over Armada’s house and the appalling trepidation that withdrew him from having a normal life as the kid he was, he managed to bring along his drenched in fear friend Jessy; where several callousness occurred before their very eyes, their every small-minded that barely pictured the scenery they witnessed in both entering and leaving the house, their each step as minutely taken as possible was as catastrophic to their entering the place; they encountered a great deal of satanic attacks which endeavoured to kick them out of the house repeatedly, yet with Nathan’s crazed mettle; he managed to overcome Jessy’s excessive cowardice and had both of them in and against the house’s multi-faceted figures of attacks.

The amount of grave horrendousness that they encountered was quite extraterrestrial, and Armada was nowhere to be found for he never guessed Nathan’s actual determination, yet throughout those demonic attacks of having them completely out of the house’s vicinity, only Nathan managed to get back nearby, and due to his wish of staying there and entering once again thanks to his earnest disposition; the sly Armada sensed his desire of knowing about the rabid Abandoned House, and Nathan’s aptness itself was not of a downgrading, it even had him take small and disregarded in quality footage with his camera as he handed it to Jessy for a total disclosure, Jessy’s journey and scurry to the city hall were going to cause more problematic issues when Nathan channeled to two old investigators; veterans, Mr. Lois and Michelle who knew Nathan real good, those two investigators was drastically an actual liability to such a quagmire that was the beast’s existence in the whole county.


 Chapter Two

Time waits for no one

Jessy managed finally to get both Mr. Lois and Michelle’s attention of the case he barely told well, and that of the footage he showed to them; it did prompt a great sense of observation when Mr. Lois knew and recognized in stupefaction that it was Nathan Stevens, the three of them were gravely astounded by the heinous news of the kids being attacked by the entity; the so-called Armada, their shock did also got everyone’s attention at the city hall, more folks hurried in shock when they saw Jessy, Mr. Lois and Michelle’s leave in tumult, they headed directly to the Abandoned Area where the house was located with little uncared for old huts, yet the entity that was Armada has already grew into massive rage and splattered their coming with an awkwardly coloured air that was mainly blackened and evil, a stench that pushed them away quite ferociously, the action was easily observed by any pedestrians whose palace was the parking lot of the city hall, yet Armada had his own fear as he maintained a statement with that wind he utilized; it was a matter of erasing their remembrance of every ounce they saw and witnessed both before and after his disclosure being real and alive.

Meanwhile Nathan has trickily entered the house from the upper part of Armada’s house and got in successfully, or so what he thought when Armada transformed him inside the house, killed and revived completely different, Armada after he recognized his guest to be the Stevens; he treated differently by rendering him super powers and kicking him out of the house, a form of a new odyssey to get on for the kid, they got into a quarrelsome sophistry of talk and personality getting along; it was never that long for the smart Armada shortened their speech for a bigger and more grandiloquent reason. The kid Nathan was transformed directly into his house, and as he arrived with a sound sense of indifference towards what human being ever liked, he scurried to figure out his new persona of dealing with life’s regulations, he was more of a different person than to a normal one; he was transformed into a beast-like human being, very different and gibberish in countenance, he barely communicated with his stuff and went drowned in grand depression over what happened to him, his mother the one known by a dear and a regular name, Mrs. Karen and Mrs. Amanda never noticed his heinous transformation was irritated with the monologue he made with himself.

He then missed and relied heavily on Jessy as his only friend, he magically transformed himself there and pushed through a vast elucidation over what happened to him with Armada, Jessy was barely grasping the entire story but had to believe it for Nathan never was of a deceitful person, otherwise; he would have never appeared to be that gruesome; as ugly as Armada, their plan eventually was to expose Armada at Nathan’s father memorial day; Mr. Caleb, but that memorial day had about a stronger éclat that Armada the beast himself prepared for by bringing a brotherhood of a satanically musical band that would sing to the end of the memorial day; a form of putting the towners to sleep, and folks therein did fall asleep so good as it got really hard for Jessy and Nathan to spread their word from then on.


Chapter Three

The Vantage point of Profundity

Nathan’s little sister Abigail showed up at the Abigail’s square to ream him off over his mischievous and absent behaviour, as he was the only one with earns for making a speech nearby his father’s statue, but her coming to the square was no brainer to the occurrences therein; where magical wishfulness of the beast to control the folks at sheer ease, she was quite endangered and disregarded by each of her family members, as for Nathan and Jessy; their plan was to split for their duty of making a brave warning, Nathan was brave enough to climb his father’s statue with his beast-like shape and warn everyone, but failed tremendously for everyone was quite put to sleep, his excessive attempts of making clearer statement over the real reality of the situation; it got even worse when his new ferocious nature riled on and beat some of the brotherhood’s musical band, only for him to do both tasks of causing attention and finding his sister that he eventually found in crushed down emotions, but before he did reach his resort; his rapidly unseen motion jumping up and down the crowd notified one of the citizens, the citizen figured it was the beast Armada where he shouted at both Nathan and the folks over what he saw, but Nathan’s quickness in moving and grabbing his sister away from the crowd was beyond the towners’ slow eyes that barely paid attention anyways.

Nathan along his sister Abigail went so rapidly to a safe place outside the town where he had to lay low his powers quite the much he couldn’t resist, he even minded he little capacity of grasping what happened and feared mostly his monstrous nature of devouring her, his powers began all of a sudden fading as he explained his status to his sister, he then feared his death for he hasn’t yet discovered his powers and constant transformation every now and then, and for that he and Abigail travelled back home magically after he was notified both by his speech and blurry powers, he searched for his father’s letter to read in the garage and found them yet could not read for his mind was too focused on a battle with the beast than that of a festivity that he would not fulfill successfully, he urged his sister to hand those letters to Jessy and walked back from the crowded area at the Abigail’s square to the Abandoned House; he had an appointment with Armada to settle some stuff; but barely made it to the house where he arrived plainly blacked out due to the powers he gained, it did not match his body and capacity, Armada never pitied him and opened the door for him in an unceremonious, he even set his back on black flames which revivified Nathan quite a full beast with no eyes to see and nose to breathe, a complete face-off, it triggered brand-new and as though reborn. He had a very ruthless talk with Armada who confounded the little beast with reprehensible information over the town, his father and that of his father’s real voice, Nathan was quite astonished and kneeled deep down him with the defeat he never saw coming his, and the powerful Armada he never pictured to be that big.


Chapter Four

Dexterous Nathan

The lubricant desire of Nathan facing Armada was never to be fulfilled for he realized it both ways, his powers lessened and increased ambivalently, and that was such a state he could not figure nor relate to especially when he recognized the true powers of the entity Armada, the kid’s lubricant desire became totally uncanny and arduous to deal with as he gotten into a very poignantly facetious mindset of his; Nathan barely handled it and Armada picked his manners up and concentrated more casuistry and unceremonious talk.

They had a very edgy crossover that went from deceitful talk to a benevolent where Armada felt compelled of sharing his own true story of coming to earth, and through which Nathan’s father Mr. Caleb was heavily mentioned in Armada’s story when the rabid beast came clean about several of his plans, and one of them was to become a human being for a little while, as for the proactive and hemmed in a blend of feelings Nathan who was never of a pacified attitude after all, he did desire so acrimoniously to attack the entity but was stopped, threatened and menacingly exasperated to a downward spiral of several bad outcomes.

Their flamboyant and suave appearances to one another seemed to escalade with more fright and less fear as they both managed to run into more triumphant and defeatist personas till the failing Nathan sounded to fall apart slightly when Armada braved his overstatements against the little commodity with an eventual aphorism of power to be overall everything.


Chapter Five

Alacrity of a Time Unattended and Unsolicited

The fifth chapter brings on the same discontinuous speech between both creatures as they still had so much to share, and in spite of their slavish submission to one another and that of a defiant one; Nathan still desired to know more of yet another newly shocking news of the beast’s relationship with his deceased father Mr. Caleb, though he was too furious to remain there for a talk; he still wanted to know more about the truest shock that his father was still alive in a certain time; a time of an unprecedented dimension.

When Armada felt truly able of coming nearby Nathan’s both beast-like and humane mindset quite easily, and after he finally told him of many secretive things he never desired to expose anyways; he truthfully grew tired of the Stevens’ company that he sensed the same pity the way he did feel with his father Mr. Caleb.


Chapter Six

Marred by Emphatic Overstatements

Nathan and his seemingly pathetic behaviour of coming in and out of his vicinity of self-control, self-importance as a powerful beast and self-abasement for he felt poignantly related to Armada who has pretty much controlled in some way and other after all, he ended up transferred just across the house, while the rest of the heroes such as Jessy and Abigail, they still felt frustrated and had to head over back to the city hall since the folks at the festivity could not provide help, it was there where the recently awaken from the satanic attack Mr. Lois and Michelle had placed themselves back to work, in a frightful attire of investigating such a case, Jessy and Abigail have rushed to them and expounded the very same deal Jessy never managed to finish explaining a while ago when he first showed up to them with the footage, as he shared everything to the detectives, Abigail could not hold herself and got really mushy about Jessy’s description and feared a greater escalade; she was escorted out of the office by Mr. Lois, yet this set up gesture that Michelle planned all along, it was only her plan to bring about an end to Jessy’s storytelling and her colleague Mr. Lois’s actual interference.

Michelle’s plan worked as she pushed away Mr. Lois and Abigail astray; she managed to numb Jessy and hide him and his successful outrage of causing a bigger exposure, she mainly feared her master Armada to know about such winning climax and not being able to do anything about it. Mr. Lois had by then came back to the office after he escorted Abigail safely back to her sleepy mother Mrs. Amanda, but Abigail’s clever move was to deepen her brother’s whereabouts as she alerted her mother of the whole deal, they went back to the city hall and inquired a great deal of explanation that Mr. Lois pleasantly performed since Abigail was accompanied by her mother; yet the helpless Michelle found no reasoning to overcome such problem and cool it down as pragmatically as she thought she could, she had turn a plain monster and massacre the three of them in the office, Mr. Lois, Abigail and her mother Mrs. Amanda.


Chapter Seven

Destruction Multiplied

Michelle’s demonic act overwhelmed her greatly as she pleased herself over a contentious debate that she thought she could have won with Armada, she went to his palace looking for him, but her master was way too ahead of her thoughts and that had him quite berserk as he almost killed her with a massive ambush directly before her, she begged him after she recognized her weakness that she truly underestimated him a lot, but he spared her life and had her search for Nathan and kill him; he finally sensed the powers of the Stevens in aggravating his master plan.

She then never wasted a second after she headed to the Stevens’ house, she demolished it looking for Nathan so hurriedly, she then after she marred the place; she went back to the Abandoned Area and searched every disregarded huts there but he was no to be found, and meanwhile when she was too busy looking for him, Abigail woke up in a complete dirtiness of the roof that came down on her, her mother and Mr. Lois; she was too scared to question herself another yet profound thoughtfulness, but her fear had her find Nathan behind the very city hall where he was lying down on the bushes, there was a hole that Michelle caused when she had a whole avalanche all over the

Three individuals, Abigail hurried to her brother and made sure he was alright, she explained to him the real stupefaction that Nathan barely grasped, but he cared eventually for Mr. Lois and his mother whom he found blacked out, yet his shock aggravated when he found that Mr. Lois has been killed with Michelle’s attack, he resented so bad and decided to hide away his mother in a very safe office; and a close since she still made it after that lethal avalanche, when he decided to leave the city hall unthoughtful of anything, Michelle surprised by losing her transformation and becoming the same human being she was, and because she never realized that Abigail must have told everything to Nathan; she walked up to them and pretended to provide help, but the kids so fearfully felt petrified and magically disappeared, Michelle cursed herself; and transformed back into the beast she was a while ago and followed them.


Chapter Eight

Family Onslaught

Nathan was more focused on his sister’s condition than his, he was still struggling with the sense of imbalance that wearied him off, as well as Abigail who burdened him even more being held from a place to another escaping so frightfully from Michelle who guessed the beat-like Nathan’s pauses and exhaustions, she came very clean and clear about her jealousy of his father Mr. Caleb but never attacked him one bit, they kept roaming the whole place till Armada out of the clear blue unleashed a gas that would the whole towners to sleep, this mesmerized a sense of distraction which Nathan and Abigail took advantage of and escaped back to the very haven just outside of the town where they once took when they left for a little cathartic relaxation.

Jessy who by now has escaped his hideout; he headed back to the city hall with the intention of calling for the main motor of solutions, Mr. Trevor, Nathan’s uncle and Mr. Caleb’s brother, but his searching the phonebook in the city hall only to reach his designation made him fear more claustrophobic disposition for Michelle went berserk after she lost Nathan one more time, the beast screamed so bad she shook the hole city hall, and that made Jessy hurry more in finding his resort. He managed to reach Mr. Trevor and tell him of every single detail, the old man Mr. Trevor was beyond shock and rushed Jessy to hide as soon as he could; there was a greater and more harmfulness to come, when he arrived, he met Abigail and the completely disgruntled Nathan nearby a big tree and outside of the town, he saluted them and made sure they were fine after all; yet he had to be notified of some other details that Abigail insisted on telling him anyways, her statement was to accompany him back to town for reasons he could not understand nor bothered to do, Nathan was left to convalesce as they went home directly gratified with an actual haven, but the house was demolished, Mr. Trevor barely absorbed each escalading situation till he met Michelle, as therein they were properly introduced to one another with a paroxysm of bravery, an unusually old deal and a more sturdy display of power that he aced in performing it.


Chapter Nine

Armada escapes his own Criterion

Mr. Trevor was a very close friend to Armada who once was in his disguise as the so-called Mr. Johnson, the gifted and the driven scientist who befriended real good both Mr. Caleb and Mr. Trevor, and so what the old did when scared away Michelle; that notified the beast of his old time friend being in town and quite ready to settle a very old deal, yet both dispositions of the beast and the old man had about the same sense of fear and consternation over what happened to both of them in due to time to such a long absence, Armada feared himself and his master plan, and Mr. Trevor who was a part time magician also feared his powers that may have decreased and Armada’s powers that might have escaladed gradually.

They met Ms. Lacey, Abigail and Nathan’s aunt whose excess of fear had her still afraid of moving no more than a few yards away from the house, but she was pacified with Mr. Trevor’s unique character in dealing with hardships, as well as his arrival that washed away her uncontrollable trepidation, but Mr. Trevor had in mind his legendary myth of being unable to make up for what happened in the past, and over so many things he could not accomplish; he pissed Abigail and Ms. Lacey away and went to the statue of Mr. Caleb where his experience made him enter the underground laboratories through a button that he knew about ever since construction came to build the whole town, yet the infrastructure of the place he entered was quite bamboozling to his eyes, but the old man never was amazed with such great foundations and called Armada as loud as he could, and as disrespectful as he could but the beast had his own doubts over such grit of his laboratories being violated; and his status being disregarded by his old friend Trevor, yet he still met him and questioned the dead memory he rendered him, but the old man proclaimed it to be partial; the beast so cross he was tricked him with an ambush that the old man combated and fought back amazingly, Armada was beyond shock and had to set the old man on the same usual black flames and wanted death for him anyways, he then pretended to have been beaten as he vanished fearing his gas plan to be somewhat spoiled.


Chapter Ten

Mr. Trevor Calls out the Master Plan

After Armada’s fearful disposition of proceeding the fight with Mr. Trevor, he escaped with a prone characterization of minding his own business as soon as possible, and that is his master plan of finishing off the town’s graces and that of the whole planet earth, meanwhile; Mr. Trevor has woken up to find himself almost beaten down and placated by his own existence there, such latter of mixed up feelings has had him roam the laboratories in a more amazement that led him directly into Armada’s main office, an insalubrious place as ever embroidered mainly with satanic inclinations of epitomized feelings, he was more shocked when found people being experimented but soon as he wanted to help free them, he felt seriously abducted by a precious time of eliminating Armada as that was his main cause of return, he went back to the very place where he entered and went almost berserk and depressed, but the fountain out of which he entered exploded suddenly, the old man wasted no time and went so briskly to the Abandoned Area where Armada resided, they first went into a talked-over deal of their old days where and how Armada turned out to be the epitome of evil

After all, yet Armada still wanted to put an end to the old man who haggardly kept pushing through everything despite his old age, they still got back to a more ferocious fight that almost and once again killed the old man Mr. Trevor, ruthlessness came about in a need of an interference for both of them as they felt it very urgent.

Armada was out of the blue shocked though he was at his own haven of powers, he never dispatched Mr. Trevor the way he thought he could, and decidedly made a deal with the old man, but Mr. Trevor refused it and kicked him a very sturdy giant head, that attack which Armada could not encounter eliminated him proportionally and staggered his body recumbently dead and had him out and down deathly.


Chapter Eleven

Nathan’s unstable Awakening

Meanwhile when Mr. Trevor has rejoiced at and gloated at the easiness of defeating Armada, Nathan back at the outer part of the town where he was left by the arrival of his uncle Mr. Trevor and his sister Abigail, he woke up to a very chaotically and badly perceived mindset that set massive blame upon so very abatingly, they were aspects of blame of all sorts; and that wearied the half dead half alive kid, he barely walked back to the town in a regular pace and entered completely unaware of the whole deal of Armada, his excessive worry grew fond of his blacked out mother in the city hall where he hid her exactly in one of the offices, but some noisy stirring annoyed him and exasperated his relaxations.

It was Jessy who still had not departed from his hiding from Michelle who wanted to kill him, Jessy caused that irritating hubbub which Nathan never felt relaxed to anyways, and the gathering they relished was beyond shock and merriment, they set about a banter, a dialogue and a crazed talk that helped ignite Nathan’s sense of liveliness, but still had Jessy mesmerized of his beast-like friend’s credibility in being truly revived to life or not, but Nathan parted from his discussion with Jessy and checked on his mother once again yet kept her in the same place, they then agreed on perceiving a good deal of news from both Abigail and Mr. Trevor, and everything their heartful minds expected was all there, Mr. Trevor, Abigail and Ms. Lacey were home and seemed to be overwhelmed with tender elation, that still relaxed Jessy but never to Nathan. Everyone shared a good deal of sorrowful talk and relieved one in a traumatic manner, but that still did not work for a longer time since Mrs. Amanda was still missing, Nathan explained the whole deal as Ms. Lacey and Abigail decided to get her quickly; Nathan refused and feared for them but Mr. Trevor insinuated a sense of security, Jessy ended up eventually escorting them for he knew where Mrs. Amanda was exactly hidden, it was the perfect subterfuge that Mr. Trevor used to invite Nathan to the Abandoned Area where he wanted to show the kid the battle’s scenery, Nathan even dared himself to go in and see everything for himself, nothing augured bad things and devilish stuff, his joy made him forgot about his bad condition that lessened a little but remained in the beast-like disposition, they left home quite relieved with Armada’s end.


Chapter Twelve

The Stevens Reunion in Reveries

As both commodities Nathan and Mr. Trevor walked away from the house and towards the house they paced regularly, they caught a glimpse at Mrs. Amanda’s return with the three heroes that went to grab her safely from her hideout, tenderness grew bigger than ever when they went inside the house and shared a story that everyone begged deeply with their guts out, but the perceptive Mr. Trevor picked their excitement as a meek figure of knowing more about such a plight that killed the town and its folks and never desired of telling them of the whole thing, everyone as well as Mr. Trevor were tremendously into the story so much they ended up ceded to a very bad omen that knocked their door, it was Michelle in her sordidness and bad shape which slammed to the ground plainly helpless, everyone rushed to her care by taking her downstairs in a basement which was used for storage and whatnot, Nathan on the other hand blinked at his uncle Trevor a very eerie reaction that Mr. Trevor himself could not believe and stated a dictum of self-defense, but it was too late for they both acknowledged that Armada was definitely alive.

Nathan went all alone and furiously abducted by a dire need of power being engaged elsewhere, fortunately for his recklessly careful mindset that abhorred Armada by now; he has been channeled down the ground, the laboratories where he was way too agape to find his resort quite easily, the deceased hero Mr. Caleb has by then began emanating a sense of an unprecedented range of energy towards his son Nathan whom he followed perfectly, meanwhile when everyone was round Michelle very scared and concerned over not just her condition, but the whole deal, Michelle was being suffocated to death by her bodiless master Armada; it was a too powerful torment that had Michelle inform of a perilous blackening to come back to the town, it was a direct statement to Mr. Trevor on top of all more specifically.


Chapter Thirteen

Michelle and Caleb elicit an Imminence

 Now that Michelle has come back to her sense of normalcy and repentance, she was quite frightened with her being exposed to what she did by coming out clear about her loyalty to Armada, yet the beast knew that she betrayed him anyways, and that of which he attacked her when she was in the basement with Mr. Trevor, as for the young commodity Nathan, he has by far entered the underground laboratories on account of two things, his father’s very profound of investigations within the kid’s investigations and his very doubts on Armada being still alive and not truly eliminated, his crazed disposition has been even more stunned when he saw his father’s apparition in a closed and secure laboratory, yet there was no sense of communication as he experienced before when he entered the laboratories, the boy screamed Armada’s name and now his father’s, he even smashed the glass of the lab where his father stood and worked timelessly; nothing broke out and there was no sign of response whatsoever he did, that designated encounter depressed Nathan so vigorously.

Nathan ended up seated against the wall and curled up as though deathly haunted by Armada himself and not just his beast-like disposition, he was to be in such a disastrous countenance until his uncle Mr. Trevor showed at his very place, but the old man was shocked as well when his memories fell on the very blurry body of his own brother Caleb whom he hasn’t seen for a very long time, he was caught off guard with two dissimilar situations, Nathan’s and that of his trapped brother, but the old man had about a very exhilarating idea that worked partially, he clapped magically with his own hands a very staunchly clap that only cracked the bullet and sound proof glass of Caleb’s laboratory, the clap was quite powerful it fired back at both Mr. Trevor and Nathan, they did however encountered the attack but feared their attempt would be to no vain, fortunately it alarmed Caleb who was more nostalgically captured than both of them, he then addressed them a very welcoming and quite a regular talk, but that talk was quite evasive to the upcoming events of Armada’s return, he told them of Armada’s points of power and weakness, and shared just about they needed to know of his very monstrous and deceitful nature, it scared Nathan to death and had seriously dizzy in being able to continue his own odyssey of investigations and making impact. They then bid Caleb goodbye as he faded away, they rushed to find a closer getaway, their destination was to get help elsewhere in a closed-minded idea that only Mr. Trevor thought of, but Armada has already come back with an attack that hemmed the whole town in an evil dome that kept everybody in, and so home was the alternative as Mr. Trevor scrammed Nathan and focused on understanding more ways of finishing off Armada, he had to consult Michelle; she explained everything he has to do from then on, yet when he made sure his steps from then on doability, it was too late for the town was in greater clout of control.


Chapter Fourteen

People’s Uprising

 Mr. Trevor when he finished addressing Michelle, he rushed back to the laboratories where he was driven by both the rush of saving everyone from Armada’s devious experimentations and that of his new plan of killing the beast, he began by saving dozens of trapped people from each corner and each laboratory he came across every time he turned round discovering those lanes and puzzles of directions, it was quite tiresome as he paid attention to every detail of his chaotically focused mindset, he ended up summoning a horde of completely delirious folks that barely gathered for being addressed by the stupendously candid old man, and that was another more strenuous step he was about to undergo as he prompted them all to one big place where he yelled, magically clapped and mirandized their every right of being worthy of revolt and rebellion, but the quaintly perceptive folks could not relate to a word he said and kept scampering irritatingly from a place to another, it was a very imminently felt situation that feared Mr. Trevor of another badness yet to come, but he was then easily recognized by an old man of those crowded folks, yet it did nothing as most of the folks still desired to search and know their whereabouts, a very uncanny looking place they woke up in.

He was quite fed up with their noisy and pointless interaction with everything they woke up to and had to go look for some of those who went away as he was still focused addressing them, his boredom outside of the labs where he peeked an outer look in the Abigail’s square, but no one was there, when he came back, he was astonished with the crowded folks’ stories over everything that has been happening in the town, he was astonished as that eased their departure from down the ground and rioting Armada. Mr. Trevor rushed to his family and brought them to relish the scenery of the revolt, they were very pleased so much they forgot about Michelle, and by the time she was alone, Armada has come to pay her a very demonic visit that almost killed her and stun her existence out of any kind of universe, the towners’ joy was way beyond elation that it notified Mr. Trevor of Michelle’s lonesomeness, he hurried to check on her but he was a bit late, she was already inflamed, tortured and threatened as universally as ever, he also knew that Armada was still bodiless and still for that rabid to have fears of facing him anyways, but Mr. Trevor rescued her increasing transformation and that of Armada’s pain a bit subordinately from her main disposition of total pain.


Chapter Fifteen

Armada finds his Ways of Mutiny

As Armada guaranteed his ways of coming back very earnest and less stoppable since he was a bodiless soul that would attack at any time given and pleasing, the towners woke up to an unpleasantly felt day that effected them only, the dome has disappeared by the new day, but the Stevens commodity Mr. Trevor and Nathan, they discussed the fact there was worry, fun and fear of death over the town’s state of happening, Mr. Trevor shared a cool fact about Armada’s real complicity with the authority and how he has a great control over them by creating a Gated Community on the side of the Armada town itself, yet Nathan never knew about such place though he lived there in the whole county ever since he was born there, as they kept steering their banter into a more benevolently felt one on account of less troubles ahead of them, a very loud siren broke and confided everyone in the town to leave their homes and prompt an idea, Mr. Trevor thought of the beast’s incarnate in one of the towners but so he thought was wrong, he then took an advantage of the hubbub that occurred suddenly, and sneaked to the laboratories by himself, but Armada was not there, he came back up looking for any evidently clear sight of Armada; yet the beast was still not there, the siren all of sudden lessened then vanished deviously, the towners went quickly berserk as they instantly began suspecting Mr. Trevor’s unusual behaviour in dealing with the situation since he was the only outsider, the hero who tenured himself thus and proclaimed solutions after saving some of the folks from the labs’ experimentations; alleged accusations began roaming round the exhaustively tired Mr. Trevor.


Chapter Sixteen

Armada Holds his town Hostage

Since Armada came back so very powerfully though bodiless, he still managed to separate the towners’ hopeful hearts, his invasive attack had some of the towners rile on and riot a meaningless point of view that only hurt them eventually, such gesture scared the only perceptive being at the time Mr. Trevor over one thing, Armada’s plan of gaining power and confidence in his own regime, the rioters however were abducted once again back into the labs, and as such piece of information that Nathan heard and resented dreadfully from his uncle Trevor, they ended up too drowned within themselves than to be more pragmatic as they always have, they even shared some far more interesting facts about the upcoming events as they decided to live up to at any price.

They were a bit cheered up due to their analysis of the situation and had the family household hide in the basement alongside Michelle that still remained in pain and respite with her new soul, the young commodity Stevens and his friend Jessy embarked upon their new adventure of finding about Armada’s new whereabouts, they decided to check the beast’s old house, as they went upstairs and had quarrel over Nathan’s entrance to Armada’s office from the very attic of the old house; a bizarre energy transformed them into the laboratories, Jessy relaxed to Nathan’s crazed certainty of being overwhelmed with Armada’s case that almost drove him nuts so far, they instantly began roaming the vast labs and their lanes as they seemed quite familiar new to Nathan for being rebuilt and renovated, they thought about saving people all over again, Armada showed up to them yet bodiless, yet his voice was too hoarse that they thought he truly did come back, but the beast focused a very sense of respite to his talk with Nathan as he menacingly threatened to come back and exercise a sheer act of plain torment, but Nathan defied his beaming and boosting the greater virility, Armada never liked it and peeked his grotesque face right before them very close, that scared Jessy to death and had him leave his pal Nathan behind, but Nathan never backed down and urged the escaping Jessy to do the same thing, but Armada kicked them with his bare bodiless power back where they came from.


Chapter Seventeen

The City’s Authority Intervention

Mr. Trevor by then has been in an amenity very haggardly drowned within himself and thinking outrageously of the incidents he thought he could save and rest his burdensome nostalgia that never let go of him, he thought decidedly of a bigger and more legally solution that he already doubted anyways, he reached an old friend of his in the law enforcements and wrapped his speech up with him with certain aspects and characterizations of describing the situation, he was too dull with everything that happened to him so much he went back home anyways; he was reunited with both Nathan and Jessy, but then nostalgia came over the old more as he was visited by an old friend, an old woman named Mrs. Synthia; they barely recognized their last time they met and had about a funky talk at the very doorway, they then entered the house and began sharing some new sets of information.

Mrs. Synthia has eventually had Jessy go back home for he never came back since the beginning of such conundrum with Armada, she never shared a bit of exposure to Mr. Trevor before the household and had to leave with her grandson, Nathan’s mother also grounded Nathan after he has gone through so much troubles. Police arrived by the time Mrs. Synthia left the house quite unnoticed by them, the troopers found unbelievably awkward calmness at the town, they roamed every part of it and gotten snatched by the hole at the Abigail’s square, they stood in plain stupefaction over the town’s eerie disposition, Mr. Trevor moved on his own and wanted to have his outlook where Armada resided at complete ease, the old man broke into the Gated Community quite easily and cruised the whole place, but there was no sign of help, his pal of the troopers he called Mr. Jackson has already searched the whole town and ended up in the vicinity of the Gated Community as well, they shared another funky get-together in dire hopes of eliminating this problem once and for all, meanwhile; Armada has been floating all over the towners who have gone out of their houses, secure and quite warmed with the police’s presence, very overwrought and annoyed with his weakness.


Chapter Eighteen

Armada goes Johnson and implies Power

Armada has angrily thought of a new plan that would escalade his chances of coming back way too strongly, and as the people felt a bit secure due to the miscellaneous presence of the policemen whose leader seemed to be an old man with the stance of a police officer; and thus as Mr. Trevor angrily stated honestly to his pal Mr. Jackson, but the persistent Mr. Jackson ordered the troopers before the towners to begin deepening their raids with the hole where Mr. Caleb’s statue stood, as for the reasonably focused Mr. Trevor was ended up disappointed with the special forces absence, he went away cross and demoralized more than before, yet the towners watched their every bit of discord. Armada has been there as he watched every single thing of the rant that occurred, he was very pleased with it and figured of going back Johnson after he managed to get some powers from the very little folks he abducted when he launched the siren and had a little bit of a control over some of the people, the devious Mr. Johnson was met with Mr. Jackson and the rest of towners who never knew him for the real being he was, Armada who was in disguise of Johnson came near the hole to pay his homage and respect to his old pal Mr. Caleb’s broken statue, but the towners panted when they saw one of their heroes who happened to be Mr. Johnson, they rushed to pay the same homage he did, Mr. Jackson was staggered with the sense of respect that just lit up the whole Abigail’s square, Mr. Jackson felt honoured a leading member of the town’s founders; Mr.  Johnson.

Mrs. Amanda left the house along Michelle who both desired to leave the house for a little while, but Michelle’s expertise in figuring out her master made her yell at the whole towners to run, yet the sly beast’s plan worked so massively and had him gain a huge deal of collaboration to his ongoing legacy of his foundations to the town, he then went away along his body guards as he disappeared so awkwardly and uncannily.

It was too late, Mr. Trevor has just come back from his confusing errand and found everyone to be steered elsewhere in awe, he consulted his pal Mr. Jackson over such happening, but the answer was quite shocking, Mr. Trevor was already too helpless and psychologically tired with Armada’s plight and issue, he ended up more pooped out than ever and had to explain everything to the foolishly had folks about everything that was yet to come; there was more intermissions of warfare illusions to come upon everyone in the town including the Stevens commodities.


Chapter Nineteen

Armada comes back

Armada has finally guaranteed his come back through acclimatizing his old persona that still was esteemed by the towners, and that which angered Mr. Trevor who’s been astray for a while, and still he pulled his wrath together and urged everyone to be prepared for, he got back to his write-off and went away disengaging every aspects of contact; GPS, with everyone too as he vanished laconically, the towners have already grown in great trepidation as they decided to hide away, the Stevens on the other hand did the same thing as Nathan complied barely to the towners’ decisions.

Nathan who also thought of a very demonic idea has went home for a trickery he had in mind; but then escaped everyone’s attention, his family and that of the special forces, he had in mind the Gated Community where he set there for a little trouble to make; brilliant; hazardous to him but very effective, when he arrived there; he had a little scuffle with one of the inhabitants who knew about Nathan’s trespassing, but Nathan escaped the abduction for the inhabitant thought very little of the kid’s potentials. Nathan’s idea was to set the secure place on fire, but realized later that there was a house which sat on the top of the hill; he then in no time lit it and tried to get away after he got on the idea and illustrated every step in minute details over doing it properly, but his continuing the action was blessed for a time that caused troubles then ceased due to Armada’s factual and ultimate coming back; it was the beast’s actual house which fired up monstrously, they were face to face directly on the point of an uneven fight, but the fire exploded more as it swiped away both Nathan, Armada and the rest of the backyard of the burnt down house; barriers and trees were also eliminated due to the practically staunchly fire, the towners were adherently notified of such abrupt blast and had to go where the explosion occurred; they knew it was Armada, but Mr. Jackson and the special forces stopped them as they also picked the onslaught to be Armada’s return.

Armada all of a sudden appeared with his ultimate body before a bit of the towners and Mr. Jackson’s special forces and swiped them away in malediction, he then the beast was never satisfied with his feeding that monstrous anger; he got back to the Gated Community looking for Nathan in the vicinity of the explosion, and the boy was easily found hidden in engorging fear, yet he barely escaped one more time as he body was risen to the air in a cringey abduction; Nathan has noticed a very requisite remark that he picked up though in demise and de-concentration.


Chapter Twenty

Music is louder than Hearts

Armada was never sufficed with his attacking the towners and that of the total liberty of hurting Nathan now that he was in his hand; but he saved that to the total act of terrorizing the towners by coming to their very zone and delivering the helpless Nathan; blacked out and prone to every aspect of death, the beast then addressed those who still stood at the Abigail’s square, and those swiped away before have also woken up to behold the gruesome looking Armada before them, he gave them another more downgrading and abasing speech over their not knowing of the massive support

They provided to the eerily cruel Armada, but Mr. Trevor’s dear friend Mrs. Synthia reprimanded his entire existence upon earth and gnashed her teeth greatly; she ended up eventually set on black flames; some of the crowds rushed to put that fire away as the old woman barely held on and fainted quickly, Armada never got enough with his uncanny ambush; he threatened Mrs. Amanda by having her hand her Michelle; he knew about her hideout as he added ending the old lady as easily as he ended her husband’s life, Mr. Caleb.

Armada then returned to his palace after he left everyone solemnly agape and afraid to death, the braved Mrs. Amanda was carried home and looked after heavily, the same case and worry happened to wrap Mrs. Synthia who was also medicated by her grandson Jessy and his mother. In the meantime when the night came to augur terror, he was not alright with the atmosphere he sensed, he entered the house and was dragged to a private talk with the barely healed Mrs. Amanda, she let him know of the incidents that deathly rattled every towner, especially Mrs. Amanda, and that helped Mr. Trevor’s minute attention to details to never add or talk of his news to her, or to everyone he knew, he then figured to check on his friend Mrs. Synthia but couldn’t find her house, he was too unstable to look for her and had to come back to his car very pensive and broken.

He figured he should optimize hiss new plan with the special forces and that of Mr. Jackson probable troopers that would have bothered to come, he made his call from his pal’s car; Mr. Jackson, no one replied to him as he figured tersely and never hopefully, he then fell on the idea of checking on the once defeated Armada, he drove therein very pensively and less accommodated to an actual fight, his mindset never relaxed or refrained on the upcoming events; hellish and disordering, his focused mindset was met with a giant snake that Armada launched to attack the town, the old man was too befuddled in its shape he finished quickly by magically creating a hole for it, after he finished off the snake, he got back near the Gated palace and as he intended the car; a wave of a very dislocating sound hurled a very appalling sense of energy, and just like the gas that the beast used; this time it was Armada’s musical band called the Devils, they played a satanic and abominating songs whose points were to have the same effect as that to the gas, it effected everyone, the towners and that of Mr. Trevor yet very little for he already concealed in his car which flipped harshly due to the wave’s strength.


Chapter twenty one

Mr. Trevor founds Secession

The towners were as though put to sleep by that designated wave; almost feeless when it did affect them, but the perceptive old man flipped back his car and drove to get on with his idea of secession; he sensed danger at its highest peak and grew sick and tired of the authority’s absence in legalizing his action, he was way too immaculately put together for establishing his own solution by himself as he headed to a place where ha gauged precisely the place where to split the town in half, and seceded the very town in two independent places respectfully temporary; so that embarking upon new ideas that would define Armada’s attack gets much easier, the magical clap that split the town in half was instantly felt by the towners, ironically they thought it was the beast and the beast himself thought it was his devilish snake which must have scared the towners and ceded to their fright.

Everyone in the town came out to check on the impact that attacked them but were relaxed when they saw the rascally crazed Mr. Trevor nearby the crazy damage which he made, they were pleased

And relaxed themselves to a usual habituation on account of everything he did. The old man then recalled the new group of people who has been abducted back to the laboratories, he magically transferred himself down there and noticed a huge amount of dust that was brought about due to the strong effect of splitting the town, some lanes of labs were destroyed due to the impact and luckily people were not placed there, he nonetheless kept searching for them till he came across his designated line, huge machines that had people wrapped to them, experimented and tested ruthlessly, he quickly transferred them up successfully as no life was hurt at all, he went back home to check on the rest of the family; including Nathan whom he shared a good deal of extreme and recent expeditions that they both labeled as completely cosmic and perilous to self-destruction, however their little encounter was wrapped with Nathan’s breaking news over the earthly fire that did hurt Armada clearly, the old man took the news and decided to embark upon another odyssey to Armada’s palace; he warned the boy of not being followed.

Mr. Trevor then barely escaped the crowd outside in the Abigail’s square, once he arrived to the vicinity of the Gated Community, he figured of causing another fire for the truthfully admired the idea, yet he found a huge pile of Mr. Jackson’s troopers, the special forces themselves shattered away due to an attack that Armada must have been a part of decidedly, he was too focused to care for or heel them, he then laid heavily a greater hope on accessing his pan into the success he shortly thought of to be completion, he entered the palace and went in the back where he magically clapped and caused a fire that instantly brunt the very place where the previous was caused, but the damaging effect was swiftly refrained with Armada as he stopped the ambush and renovated everything in a blink of an eye, Armada was once again clear about his not finishing them for he still waited for his master plan, they both shared yet another devilish look, scuffle and a thoughtful mind and brain attack as usual, Mr. Trevor feared of his saving the folks from the labs would be exposed and that he would not be able to stop it, and Armada on the other figured something like it but attacked the old man anyways.


Chapter twenty two

New Walls arise and Towners collaborate

Mr. Trevor has signed for a very brilliant idea that stood mainly for being beat and humiliated before the ravaging beast, for him; he got what he wanted checking on the beast’s new form and power, yet he was too afraid to stop him if he ever desired to go the town and cause a probable demise; once and for all, he somewhat never was hurt and managed to be swiped away due to the satanic attack elsewhere unseen, it was apparently the right time for him to call for the plan that made him leave when he left very disgruntled at the time Armada came in the form of Johnson to revive and gain a new sense of trust, and thus energy for his new arrival as of now, he called a group of four timeless constructors and old friends of his and let them know of what he had on his mind, he then in no time headed for the outer side of the town, behind the very city hall and that of the Abandoned Area too, he set off there and waited for their arrival in dismay, and there appeared the fellows of his in their car coming his way, they met and gotten into a no more than a realistic speech and perturbed one where Mr. Trevor focused on the quantitative of their upcoming work, they parked their cars in a safe place and had to move unto the city hall’s front yard, the old man spit everything in sheer candidness as they approved of his plan passionately, his plan was to surround the two sides he split with a big circular wall by the very next morning, a wall which would secede the side of the towners safely from any attack.

He added his help to come and be shared nevertheless, they commenced on their plan as Mr. Trevor eased each step for them, he patched every eroded and that of the depression that he made when he split the town in half, and everyone’s works were quite quickly conducted for a better and more reliable result. Nathan has already left the house to start his new day as dawn barely set itself, his eyes fell on the massive walls that covered a huge area of the place where he could see from his doorway and that of the Abigail’s square, he checked on it and even squeezed it, he then realized it was newly built and knew aptly that it was his uncle Trevor who must have been the only one responsible for it, he floated round following the circular wall and came across the constructors but was also met with his uncle who greeted to a usual salutation.

The walls have been finally built successfully and did shock the towners as they came out to their fear of Armada’s promise of coming back this very new day, Mr. Trevor and his sturdy friends came back to the very place where they ducked their cars, he transferred them out of the walls they built and came back real quick to his folks for the face-off. He first went inside the house to get Michelle’s help and his as well; some sort of courage to address the people with on account of his plan that no one still understood, she agreed and accompanied him outside, it was easy as he convinced the people with his idea as they listened to it so vigorously. As Armada came and tried to enter the town and was quite shocked so jeeringly seeing the highly put together walls; he couldn’t get in, there was a dome of an energy that prevented him from coming in; and was multiple times taunted by everyone, Armada was sarcastically defeated and had to leave in greater crossness and grudge.


Chapter twenty three

Armada brings about Pandemonium

After their fighting and kicking out Armada paid off successfully, the old man almost fell to the ground fro he was the one who exerted far more energy into that very smart and designated trick he and everyone else helped putting together, yet he was caught by Michelle whom she and the rest of the household rushed him inside the house where he was heavily medicated, the towners on the other hand have rejoiced over defeating Armada; they were as though too overwhelmed to be drawn into a dream. Meanwhile when Armada was on his way very overwrought to his palace, the troopers and the special forces have woken up from their very first attack, dizzy, emptied out and as though dead, Mr. Jackson woke up quite late when he barely pulled himself to a conscious state of mind, but Armada has already shot them with black flames that turned them into plain ash seeing them before his palace with an overt attempt of breaking into it.

Mr. Trevor has finally woken up but felt concerned with Nathan’s absence, he related so much to many things and decided to follow him for he knew where the boy headed, they shared a very pensive, regretful and painfully misconduct of a bad end that would hem them in heaps of troubles, and still they supported the idea of fire that seemed to put a totally universal end to Armada, it was for them both commodities to go back to the Gated Community and trick the beast into the fire ultimately, but Jessy found them their hideout and decided to share their sense of scruples, Jessy was channeled to let every towner to hide in their houses for yet another final haven, the old man Mr. Trevor told him so, the three moved to the town for a final warning and whatnot, but Armada’s

Patience seemed to be quite restricted, he shouted “ Go to hell “ , Mr. Trevor knew that there was an attack on the way, the beast’s scream was very audible even to the towners, as the old man yelled to warn everyone to get themselves covered; it was quite late for the beast has already launched a gas from underneath the ground; precisely the labs which made everyone faint, he then appeared before their blacking out bodies and wished death for them eternally and disappeared away.


Chapter twenty four

Mrs. Synthia is of a great Succour

Armada’s attack caused a contagion that the towners were very shocked to when they still barely woke up; disgust and gibberish feelings grew over them very badly, they looked out for one another very minutely, cared and feared for their loss to the bloody gibberish beast, she just left the house from her convalescence of Armada’s attack with the black flames; the old woman has cruised the whole place in confusion over what happened to the people n her absence, yet the people had no idea she was not included within the attack, she made funny jokes about the towners’ new look, Mr. Trevor came to greet her and there they shared the fire fact which troubled the old man’s crazed mindset, but the old woman wanted to heal everyone as she summoned everyone to her house; most of the infected ones stood in a queue to be healed.

As Michelle left Mrs. Synthia’s house after she was successfully healed, she went home and addressed Mr. Trevor for a solution she figured she could provide help through, but the old man was too hopelessly demoralized to focus on anything else and ignored her gently as he departed his haven to the terrace of the city hall, he remained still haggard till he figured that Mrs. Synthia must have finished her treatments with everyone, as he wanted to get to her; she has already came down to his haven of relaxation and told him of her implausibly shocking news, a cube that Armada owned and lost, and which the old woman stole, they were then me with Michelle whom she accompanied them home and that which had Mrs. Synthia keep the cube idea hidden, Michelle was also to stupefy both Trevor and Synthia with her sacrificial attempt to go eliminate Armada, they were to stop her but she already made her decision, she also told them that it was high time for her to get what she deserved of betrayal to everything in the town, and that there would be no coming back from this endeavour; she left ignoring their every urge of stopping her and hopped powerfully into the sky after she has transformed into the same designated fugly monster; it has devastated Mr. Trevor more tearfully than ever.


Chapter twenty five

Michelle goes a Monster and faces Armada

Michelle has set a pattern which devastated Mr. Trevor, and which also was the best chosen way ever to her and her own personal level of the choices she accounted for to herself and the old man, yet Trevor never wasted time though very disgruntled when Michelle left in a tumescent decision, he rushed back to the house to study the nature of the cube that belonged to Armada, the old folks tried to force open it and discover its nature, but its original owner was lessened to a greater sense of loss when he realized that one of his most precious belongings was stolen from him long time ago; and without him knowing nor noticing its absence, he rose to the sky in a fearful trepidation trying to

Sense the upcoming danger on its way, he figured it was Trevor with the cube, but it was Michelle who ambushed him so viciously, the beast hasted to overthink the danger that never came and realized that there was a misconception of powers piling all over him in righteous complicity, he then shared a disdainful talk with her over so much, and Michelle almost killed him with a type of fire that was equal to the earthly one herein, Armada resisted yet felt the cube to truly come his way, he vanished and stupefied Michelle in looking for him irritatingly, Michelle then noticed Mr. Trevor and Mrs. Synthia coming and vanished too, the old timers clearly saw vestiges of a bloody fight, burnt herbs and ashes of fire have gotten to be prevalently brazen, they then came back to the town and that had Mr. Trevor urge his friend Synthia not to follow him ever again, the old man stepped by the beast’s old house and still he could not find him there too.

He came back home with mourning in his head over Michelle’s demise, Mrs. Synthia seemed to agree no more than that, meanwhile, Michelle still came to the battlefield as she called for the beast still jeeringly, Armada never feared her this time and still never exposed his genuine fear of the cube, he penetrated her body with his giant hand and smashed her head to the ground disgustingly, yet she still rose to her staunchly vengeful spirit and devastated his head with her hands, that ravaged the beast yet another traumatic shock, he still pulled himself together after overthinking the fact he was being brought down by not only Michelle and Mr. Trevor, but other individuals; on account of such notion, he wrathfully punched the very hole which he caused in the very attack he did a while ago, it was too powerful it implied a statement to the towners as the beat-up Michelle landed at the Abigail’s square and hinted another menacing attack from Armada.


Chapter twenty six

Truth and Credibility are gauged barely

The towners rushed to observe the earthquake that shook the entire ground frightfully, but there was none to see but a small-sized monster with green hefty skin that seemed to match that of Armada’s; folks therein bothered not to grasp what was before them brazenly clear of an easy source of revenge, but Mr. Trevor interfered and urged her safety by caring her back home for another convalescing step, the folks were tremendously shocked and wanted to understand more or get for rebellion against what cracked their credibility right before their eyes, Michelle seemed to never to get back to life; an ancillary statement to her own when she decided to transform and fetch her revenge by facing Armada, but Mrs. Synthia saved her and brought about a good result of revivification after all.

Nathan has entered the house after he gained nothing from sharing his caliber with the towners, there was inside the house still the same sorrowful atmosphere of Michelle’s dying core, but the old man Mr. Trevor figured that the angry people would attack his household after he saved a seemingly look-alike Armada before them, he urged Nathan for a help by blinking at him and disappearing. The old man went to fight the beast on his own, he caught a glimpse at Armada’s afloat body peeking minutely for any upcoming attack, and Armada had that too in his mind the person who must have come to threaten him with the cube, Mr. Trevor entered the Gated Community anyways and maneuvered the locals’ attack, it was easy from then as the old man called for Armada to fight, but the beast knew all along that the one conniving with Michelle and the one with the cube was no one but his arch enemy Mr. Trevor, they barely put a decently valorous combat as Armada attacked him

And noticed Trevor’s slow motion of opening the cube in his presence, the beast feared to a universal state of death that that trick would have been pulled, Mr. Trevor still repeated his action anyways and managed to trick Armada with another attack and this time; Mr. Trevor’s opening the cube worked and almost dragged both of them in the unknown of that dimension, but Armada’s quicker observation of the entire action made him fleet a lot more faster than the cube itself, the cube then abruptly fell to the ground and came back to normal as that despaired the old man yet smoothed his intuitions of triumph over and sank in a deeper introspection.


Chapter twenty seven

Nathan’s distant interference

Mr. Trevor did search for Armada but to no vain, when he decided to leave, one of the Gated Community’s locals watched every fight of theirs, they wondered whether the old man was one of the beast’s followers, yet he explained everything to them and vanished back to the town, their very sense of worry over everything was very much culminated with the old man’s very affable disposition. He arrived to meet Mrs. Synthia who kept waiting for him vigorously, they chit-chatted about what she told him before; Armada would escape the fight for the cube was around him, and still for the old man to get the same remark from Michelle, he figured of healing her more with some of his magical tricks but she urged him to focus his powers on eliminating Armada for good.

He was too indisposed to focus on the chaotic merriment of the household and that of the towners too, so he decided to take a walk while still in his funky confusion, he looked for Nathan though and that upped his sense of boredom over not knowing what to do precisely, he reached over the top of the city hall not knowing what to come later on; then a light shone from the beast’s former house, he peeked so fearfully thinking that it might be Armada, he went down there to check and was blinded by the bright light that slammed his eyes as he opened the door, Nathan was there and has been abducted by Armada who kept him for a ransom over the cube, Armada then escaped on account of his fragile and unstable situation fight and resistance, the Stevens commodities escaped the house too as it began shaking to debris, Nathan shared that Armada was going to destroy the whole town besides his success of taking over earth’s graces if the cube would not be given to him over the very kidnapped Nathan, the boy also told his uncle that he already tried to set the house on fire by marking  a line of gunpowder across the pavement to the interior of the house, they instantly rushed to fire through a magical clap which Mr. Trevor lit, they rushed back to the top of the city hall and watched the house’s massive blast, it was quite audible and way too strong to be a normal explosion, only because it was sealed with Armada’s grotesque sirens, that is a main good reason for the explosion brought the towners attention as they hurried to check on it.


Chapter twenty eight

Armada’s last remnants

When the explosion occurred, it made every towner come watch in splendour, yet it came to an end and had everyone scatter back to the Abigail’s square with a joy as though final triumph has come, the Stevens commodity who watched everything from the city hall’s terrace also vanished directly into the house, but the old man Mr. Trevor still was in his same sullen disposition over Armada’s

Actual end, he figured Armada was practically dead from the earthly universe, and that of the cube which must have indicated something; but it didn’t even when he opened it twice, he was even more drenched in confusion when he saw Michelle’s same looking beast-like character, but Michelle in return rejoiced truthfully when she heard Nathan, everyone and the very version of Trevor himself talking about their recently performed demise to Armada.

Mr. Trevor just had to give up to his over eccentric thoughtfulness on the eerie sense of unusualness that got a hold of him so peculiarly, he then out of the blue recalled the cemetery which was transformed elsewhere, he figured its new whereabouts by asking Mrs. Amanda, and she briskly ushered him to it, Mr. Trevor went to the cemetery where it was built nearby the Gated Community and nothing was quite special about it, but the cube magically lifted his body to his brother’s grave in a very satanic figure of his body movement, Mr. Trevor was too absorbed in his shock he knew that his worries were all true, he spoke to his brother but Caleb never replied as the cube kept vibrating more gradually staunchly; with intervals as the old man grew tired of his awaiting for any answer, he decided to leave home very depressed, but a light shone from the very upper part of the Gated palace, Armada’s house in particular, there goes the cube that began displaying the ultimate battle where Caleb has already ravaged Armada eternally, the cube then magically erased Mr. Trevor’s sense of loss and depression and displayed Armada’s truest cessation; the cube opened to suck Armada in back to his very dimension, the old man escaped that gaudy vicinity and observed the titanic death of the Satan that epitomized evil in the town. Mr. Trevor still stood there in a behemoth admiration and a very naïve wishfulness of being able to talk to his brother’s apparition as he and Nathan did talk to it before down at the labs, yet it was never to happen and the old respected that so vigorously; he left back to the town with a very huge deal of mixed feelings, loss, anger, Elysium and a zenith that finally wrapped everything up in a subordinate and nostalgic cessation.

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