Creative Writing and Critical Thinking

The Cognitive Axiom Part 2.

The ground of being a polymath in nature relates so much to ensnaring the qualities rendered, the ones that mindsets maturely program to act in accordance with the scrupulous sense of viewing potently the very actions and reactions that the Universal Quality had to thread through and offer Such stem of realizing to outbreak; rather uphold the means of reaching out intrepidly, to those counterfeit odysseys of the intransigent colossus, to the sheer valour of being outspoken of the folly overtly overstaffing the pattern of conducting the subordinate mechanism, its innate layout of the independently defined solo behaviour of a solo guidance to remaining the same skeptically individuals; rather dauntless in appearing heftily sophisticated, and superimposing the actual fanaticism into a stupefyingly more frightening axiom of thriving further resolutions, crazed in a demonic spirituality, a more claustrophobic insight upon the connoisseur whose reasoning grew to come off feigning gruesome facts. Hitherto a factoid of infatuation to the reluctant custom of supplicating to the Universal Quality zealously; in fact is just an ill-mannered approach of standing grounds and conforming to it feebly, as it precipitates the terse connections to the Supreme Being extremely reprehensible, a wretched the sort out of a path that splutters a slew of maledictions, for the same reason of launching to run off astray from the iconoclastic nonentity; wrapping an eerie figure of outspoken dictums and enclosing them to attire the personal odysseys wishfully fruitful in the eyes of the Supreme Being.

As such an ambivalent salvation to being in the leading façade of waving peculiar persuasions upon the mandatory acts of playing out to kenning something, and rendering it a deferential amount of entitlement, a very Different attire than those of the aphorisms that battle positions and upon Which settle a sense of vulgar dishearten to the knowledgeable polymath, to the very foundations of being very assertive till letting go of the conformity which will concatenate the innate nature; the one designated imperfection in its colossus yet efficient in purifying the mechanism that works on silencing facts and launching others, in a footing of a tormented soul and peerage, that is its spirituality ensnaring an every single time of minutiae with more subtle provisions of the deepest queries; as well as the lowest profiles of indicating peril and misdemeanours, those that fuel the mindset’s capacity with cooperative and more in-field Depth of reacting vigorously, so that manners would always act perennially to the complete though lackadaisical comprehension of gapping to other aphorisms which may fail to converse the mechanism that fidgets each nanoseconds to petrify the closest path; the fully maddening mindsets as they peek in the slightly icky outfit of their nature, the sect of universe in the emanation of reason and virility accommodating to settle sinisterly prejudicing the general act of fervour in trance.

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