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Soul Reflections: Poems about life by Jillani Birech.

Poems about Life

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Soul Reflections: Poems about Life is a collection of exquisitely written poems, the writer takes you through his own journey and purpose in life.Some of the poems are of personal experiences,some of which offer useful advice which the author is able to give thanks to his varied encounters with the issues many of us face in life.

Soul Reflections is a collection of wholehearted poems that have been put together by Jillani Birech, and his fellow friend and Editor James Cairns, Jillani is a young talented poet and a writer from Djelfa, make sure you check his My Hometown Djelfa and The Writer and reader’s attitudes towards Creative Writing. I am hereby attempting to shed the light that postulates philosophical attire to this poetic piece of art that renders some stern, and yet rather mildly meek personal experiences about one’s life challenges, and others about the soluble foundations in one’s handlings of tribulations; and precisely predicaments such as fear, obscure future, lack of courage, demotivating environments of both mental and physical aspects, whereas steps to take on unstoppably such as perseverance, mettle, will, power, homage to life as life pays back eventually the very upshots worked for; respectively.

It’ll be a great read through these heavily concatenated poems as they tell so much; as from my standpoint herein, the 65 poems will be broken down into four major elucidations of the book’s actual mentality in appealing to the reader, yet here on the Probitybls Blog, there is more than the poetically and simply appealing characterizations to the reader; there is in fact, the elaborate pictures of every context found to be wrapped in the universal gaps of philosophical accountings for the in-depth of thinking over abstractions and eliciting them in a literary respect.

Note: The highlighted words down here are of titles and referential threads to the poems in the Soul Reflections book, reach the writer’s official Facebook account for more updates on the book’s availability. “Jillani Jillani”; a profile picture is a poem with a small vase that contains a plant.

  • The First Chapter:

When entangled in the muddy roads of Difficulty, Time, Pain, Sacrifice, Distance, the In-Depth premonitions on account of living herein, it does come from a solely fragile state of mind how would one snatch their representations upon life, upon its impossibility in achieving the past chimeras and rendering them back to life no matter what. Though all comes to be implausibly destined in a universal qualitative countenance, time is too ripe to handle such unwelcomingly excesses of being stuck in the past, of being unable to stand the grounds of defying the impossibility of reaching the best; that is a perseverant deal to be frankly announced, though too sacrificially real to be denounced and confronted by every regular person, with too regularly exercised behavioral aspects and sometimes; with the simplicity of dreaming so much to get the best platform of working for the best itself, in the form of a dream that is taught through pain, and that pain in every characteristic of its universal and literary existence, is to be trained; supposedly every single time, to the limits of self-destruction, that’d teach some seriously truthful and honestly abrasive self-disciplined mindset on account of the benefits of pain, though badly perceived from time to time those procedural proportions, and that is to be in the form of being excessively soluble and abruptly unreliable, rather clearer then in a dictum sort of to say, calamities do affect one’s performance, but being calm in thinking over the distant articulations of life as they peek prosperity and failure in a simultaneous elaboration of an in-depth visualization that soothes one’s placated mindsets and souls over things being harrowed and not going well.

So despite the serene and obscurely calm momentums, one should not listen to such pandemonium of thoughts, as they’re not referentially entitled to come from the exaggerating thoughts, they do sometimes hale from an outside vicinity of appalling peers, as though a nightmare that threads to suit everything that has been a sole reflection to one’s life challenges abomination. And being prepared, is yet another chapter of thoughtfulness and mindfulness to account for, there goes a notion such as lying against a serene tree with the attempt of clearing one’s soul and abduct away any given sense of mediocre calamity as they appear to aggravate and worsen one’s originally universal act of being contaminated by all means possible, the fragment that is life.


  • The Second Chapter:

The time of sheer display for one’s beginnings of fight appears mainly through major Loneliness, Anger, Self-Deception, Time, Seclusion, Absence, and the harsh battles of Surrender, though loneliness peeks through nostalgic walks in encountering more than horrific epiphanies in and about life as well, it does also act as the stepping stone of contextual comprehensiveness to begin floating around the rhyming preternatural context of one’s relevance to actual life regulations. And as sometimes dazzled with the stuffing of agitating sources that appear out of the clear blue to come fetch a precious place and share personal foundations upon some little nanoseconds that worked for none but haughtiness and phoney interactions with the world, and though when it is quite the footings “get to be”; one is easily found to rejoice at the victorious segments in life, such as the prosperous patterns being selected out of good and bad experiences one should surely have made so much out of, and more ceremoniously speaking, it gets to be a farewell of some confounding truths; to some days that have had gone by against grammatically universal rules that never changed to suit such earthly footings; those that have elicited riotous mixtures of ruthless and merciful chapters in life while upon them those fragments in life; things got contaminated and had one’s speculative presumption stir towards loneliness, seclusion rather too ferocious to be realistic. Sarcastically, one becomes the nomad, the forlorn of the sickening mindset that tried to grasp what it felt like for toil to attach itself to the psychological struggles through major breakdowns, unbearably relevant to time and surrender, those that inexorably creates the universal aspect of the lugubrious thoughtfulness in combating time and appealing to so much and nagging a referential grievance, and none of appreciable sense of esteem to anything done for mankind herein, none but direct unrighteous complaints over nonentity of life. The dire need of escaping the indignation towards everything, sometimes no lines to cross but self-respect, that resort where dignity accommodates to and summons all fears and challenges and lays them to slumber.

  • The Third Chapter:

Of life’s debris, elation and exhilarating nirvana to a certain extent; have both got to come and cool off the stressful tension whose impact causes dispatching quite easily, and that is through the lowdown of Change, Patience, Time, new Challenges and Questions, Forgiveness, Peace, Ice Breaking the feeble sense of grinds and not actual activities, Heartfulness and both grit and virility that come out of it. When being braved and wronged by so much, change is the first factoid that pops to smoothly soothe the wrathful soul, and change also does picture itself as the only solution as it truthfully really is, and so much cravings and desirous plans pour none but the benevolently patient state of mind that commands respect in spite of every appearance one would wind up in; and without the virtue of patience, one would come near the frail departure quite easily, in fact; it all becomes the best soluble factoid to think of since change turned out to breed more toil, though time is there to prove so much that that it is a forever genuine piece of a universal existence that is too humongous to be understood, and time in every accounting; is the sphere where exhaustion and non-dimensional ideals exist not to bring about some sort of disastrous unwanted epiphanies that would pile questions on top of more meaningless questions, hitherto; it is the mere coming of decisions and actions of sheer drab more nonsensical nonchalance in one’s caliber of choosing the path that fit better long time ago, and as though without change that obviously would have rendered so much to actually hurl away and stir elsewhere.

If a language is a universal fact and the backbone of any cultural interaction, then the Almighty Supreme Being has utilized such a tool in informing and enriching people, to the degree of mastery in acquiring such an in-depth characterization that is far more domineering than one might think of or account for, and as such a behemoth grace is comprehensively apprehended, one would desire to head back home and set a plan of doing something that matters; or it’s just the leastways that sense of the home sweet home sort of a disposition, that feeling that allows to any sense of the sweetly felt spirituality to be so valid and so cool at the time, and as that may seem to be the forever procrastination of everything, that scenario would compel one’s relaxation to get older and begin feeding on nostalgic sceneries of the past; and it is as though one is all of a sudden content and satisfactorily revivified from any burdens that would come to embark trials and tribulations. In the aftermath of such a huge hiatus, one would come to fall for themselves, a sort of a pointless self-importance, a sort of a new challenge to deal with, a sort of a new façade to perceive or let go of the original wholesomeness that one happened to have, that would still after all; take a fair perception on the whole chapters made in life, a good heart or a bad one; yet an aphorism would show up to appeal to the fact that there was never a bad heart; there was in fact a misguided and a frightfully lost heart that has come to make up for the lost pulchritude unappreciated and thrown away.

Such a peace therein, and such a virility peace happened to render and have at the same time, it keeps one’s tension sane and wholesome despite all saying otherwise, it also keeps safety a property of more than a must; a universal property not to necessarily be fought for, it is just an earned grace, ice breaker from then on appears far more prominent than ever, sometimes in a more irritating aspect of complete negativity for the love God!!! Some sort of an eye-contact reprisal that harrows one’s chapters and pages in life to the level of a death wish proportions. As therein is the change of life has pictured through best and worst case scenarios heavily; and thus heavily learnt from in profusion and philosophic dignity too. A question in life; is a new challenge to embark upon and set change as a major goal in life; a latter that would improve all and everything for good.

  • The Fourth Chapter:

The greatest pictures in life are the ones maintained within Life, the Decisions made yet barely in fairness, Calmness, an experienced Mindset, Solutions of being Victimized, Mistaken for predicaments, wrong initiatives and even the harshest Death wishes made sometimes upon excess of dereliction. The hardships made in life are of satisfactorily confronted matters that one could never escape; no matter what, and though bitter as it gets, drowned one might turn into and too gaudy to be real picturing any upcoming events as somewhat enchanting later on, that could still be a bit unfair to be pictured; though with the universal fact of predestined imagery to occur, a fair decision is yet too eager to get one’s desirous results to the point of clarifications, realistic and obtainable proportions; supposedly. One would culminate their new steps in life with perceptive comprehensiveness that somewhat drenche one’s caliber in a huge serenity and a surrender re-generated combats fragment in life, one therein; would resolutely regurgitate their behavioral aspects into a more powerful of being one’s self in optimism, and in a dictum that statically declares the virility of the one’s rebirth every unexpected time, surely a rebirth that undergoes a broken soul and a requisite congregation back to life in spite of the mental stability that barely clings to resistance and the fact that a broken soul always reams itself out and wishes for time to go back, that ain’t true, when time is wasted out of folly and excessively self-confident trust in proclaiming any given schedule proper and neat; yearnings become the engine, the motor that drives every impossibility in life toward the little experienced in every one of us, the feebly though in comparison to one’s peers; that every erroneously bad experience that’d help unfold a bigger sense of coming near the elucidated paths and patterns of investing that very designation of little experience into bigger one, through all of it is a one philosophical state of mind, it ravages everything with the timeless attempts of grasping everything, it is the mindset that specifically goes in accordance with the past occurring mistakes and victimizations of any erstwhile experience, in the sense of introversion the sort out.

A designated mindset therein gets to be in flamboyance over so much to handle, so; if qualities like mettle, power, ire in the perfect time come to converge on account of coming back to the path and doing something that matters, a mindset therein is quite restricted within a far more hardly perceived psychological state of mind that yields some seriously authentic originality in understanding more about life, with more brinks upon every dispute and every discord, with more compatibility and thus fraction-free with the cycle of life.

The potentials buried inside a man is just behemoth, and one would endeavor to fetch it all only when overwrought over so much time that has been cast aside due to so much lust, frivolous inclinations to so many minutiae and hence the list is too huge to be mentioned anywhere. So a lesson in life, such as in modern era, the Corona virus and its potentials of being the pandemic that; in little time, it has managed to live up to people’s expectations more than one’s mindset that is universally overstaffed with things about life, a footing that emanates the absolution of chaotic thoughts and the liability of the frail human being that still refrained from none of their nonchalance, hypocrisy, tyranny and every reason of anarchistic foundations, like every epidemic that is not necessarily a virus, but a virus within the mindset itself; long as it manages to cause harm and bid problematic issues to exist in a whole victimized society, and not just a single individual. Some resorts in life are and will always be of soluble disposition, though a taradiddle sometimes; human resistance is what matters the most, to be able to do so much out of honest performance, to resist, to combat as much possibility and sobriety as they ever happened to render, to do so in a philosophical caliber whose power turns past every sense of approaches and expectancy herein, in life by all means.

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  1. After reading this thoroughly knitted analysis, I would like to deeply thank my friend, Sofiane, for elaborating and going through all the themes implied in my work. It is really impressive and interesting simultaneously when reading such exquisitely written words from you.

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