Joseph Thomas Sheridan Le Fanu was an Irish novelist and a writer accommodated to Gothic, Mystery and Horror fiction style genuinely in his works, Joseph or otherwise known by Sheridan; happened to be a genuine pioneer of Ghost Story realms in his time, and managed to lead its unravelling throughout the Victorian era prosperously, his sense of thrill and terror helped him create a magnificent deal of incredibly successful short stories and novels, these ones are widely read and accredited tremendously, Uncle Silas, Carmilla, Chronicles of Golden Friars and many other works that increased his fame also in the academia of Dublin, such as the Spalatro novella that did thread through and prompted him great characterizations even though he first majored in writing historical novels and fiction calibers.

Jack Sullivan and many other famous writers consented his stance as a leading figure of horror and Gothic style, as for the modern views on the vampire countenance as we know it, Bram Stoker an Irish author famous of his Dracula; the story that took the world of horror by storm and reached the Pictures and pretty much every part of nowadays television’s sense of storytelling for all kinds of ages and entertainment forms, Bram was heavily influenced by Sheridan to actually be able to come up with such weight of melodrama that is Dracula. Sheridan is now a one man nation just like Shakespeare when it comes to the epitome of Gothic and Horror representatives; proudly.

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