I felt it quite significant to share my experiences and tryouts for a successful music career, here is one of them; hopefully you do love and support, hopefully you emanate with and realize your dreams, here is the guitar solo I felt pleased to utilize for the OneBeat Program.

Since music is my domain and second voice:

Since music is my domain and second voice; I had to come up with my own style that spoke the better feelings and the appropriate language, I intend to make a well-trodden music references that mostly speak of the difficulties that the helpless people of all classes undergo, clearly this impact unites people to settle underneath the cover of music that heals everything.

The live concerts I aim to be at happened to have these types of people who are easily touched by the sound of the guitar solos I intentionally twist around and glide whereabouts the passion of the concert and the people take me, the intensity of the melody at that point does bring about a paroxysm of a sound concentration and drives everyone to insanity; to clothing tearing and tears shedding, an eventual journey that makes everyone oblivious of their appalling situations, I realized after every single concert I attended; that passion was all over the crowed including the musicians.

As I proceed my Odyssey for Music:

As I proceeded my odyssey of music, I ended up on a brink of a systematic dual, the programs I used for teaching myself helped shape my learning criteria quite easily, after awhile of appearing on videos as an enthusiast amateur; I managed to sign up for a competition wherein I met Hakim Salhi, a musician of a Fusion genre of music, the contest took me to the Zenith theater where I gained further experience of working in a team and learn more of its valuable role in the band.

Most of the progresses were the capacity to thrive my sound balance and the correction of tones and their quick recovery from within the band as in melodies improvement throughout the rehearsal, this triggered my zeal of taking the part as a lead guitarist and a soloist live on the stage, weeks later; I had another chance to play for a good friend of mine, and I believe she is quite famous too, she is Souad Massi.

The first Impression always Matters:

During my participation at the competition, I got to play with several members on a casual night opening, I haven’t truly been introduced to the staff but the music did grow our observation on both style and performance.

We had to practice for majorly long hours to set the right tone and the balanced melody, in addition to the composition that demanded our instruments to be more accurate and responsive; we encountered extra instruments which amplified our sound balance harder, this paved the way to my realization of the newly discovered factoid of the significance of the other musical and the cultural backgrounds, the opening was quite decent and the difference resulted in our effort to fruitfully perform an unexpected outcome, it was unique and epic thanks to the mixture we believed in.

The OneBeat Program Intrigue:

It would be a great deal to attain the goal of a musical tour as I intend to make it happen, with an amount of an erstwhile experience and lots of knowledge based on the way I chose it, to meet worldly known bands and play along the same rhythm; that is music, believing in one thing as a vision and a dream that have always united the people.

As it has been done for years, live concerts and long night openings with objectives of fundraising; where several artists come along with different cultures to stand united, making guidance of peace and love that rise above every aspect of hatred; a decision that politicians failed to do, yet another pleasure is the outdoor and local performances where extra contribution of helping the sick and the poor would be by paying visits to their hometowns and singing for them, these are gifts that draw smile on the entire world portrayed only by music.

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