Power & Gender in A Song of Ice and Fire (Chapter one).

Chapter One

Gender and Power


The interpretations of power and gender have always differed through time, to the extent of having vast knowledge upon these  personas, as well as the tendency of having such orientations that are now very realistic to our plateau of today. And by that we vouch to call upon both Feminism and Marxism as leading theories in this domain of novels, short stories and real life potentials of relating, developing and even sensing those qualities as they get to be beyond the act of knowledge and getting to know further particulars about certain cultural backgrounds. George Martin (1948.until present),

  • Gender and Power: The Evolution of The Concept

 The field of Feminism as it has developed through time to tackle acts of power and knowledge that women felt free to initiate for reasons they thought better of, that is to say; to commence the representations of having an independent reference to their relevance of the actual world of existence, and more obvious reasoning that pushed the notion of clan to a movement more radical in performance and less driven by the previous behaviour of fear and presentiment upon their future, till the last resort of beginning to experience the favour of the outer world; beyond the plain knowledge prior to the sense of captivity, and the insecurity of being irrelevant though maltreated miserably, this added to the dilemma that the initiations of women’s constant struggle have finally come to terms with the productivity that they always wished to have and thrive.

The vicinity of Marxism has gained a sense of elaborate determination in the way Karl emancipated his idea, and furthered it by stating no room for otherwise, this sense of interpretations has threaded its way through several societies by all means possible to start following the Marxist beliefs, and that any reversing defiance was yet a rebellious act, despite of the time and pace, a country’s recession and its prosper; will nevertheless find no sense of samples but following the regimen of such economic, political and societal stratagem that just had to lead for Communism.

In the Games of Thrones, the book of (Ice and Fire) there was the emphasis of having to deal with the excessive deteriorations of rulers, systems, tyrants and even acts of connivance that the leading class of politics have always ended up examining in challenging treaties, and battling for no apparent reason but to converge to one system that summons the fearof loss and total destruction, as well as notion of having a gender with previous access to the world of actions and probable coups, as that would be interpreted into the plain momentum of power that concerns not only those in the attire of dominations, but also in the creative individuals who sought for gaining force and leading an essential effect of wanting to achieve something out of the fragile sense of foreseeing futuristic platforms and they way they conducted the mentality of the world leaders.

The space created for both Marxism and Feminism within the plot of Games of Thrones have maintained the same views held within the very beginning of such colossal theories, in spite of spreading enthusiastically to cause a mass murder in the mid of the 20 century, it still facilitated the mental struggle as well as the physical one for those who failed to follow such regime, or wished to update the regulations of the systematic beliefs stood for, as this would reveal the true figure that the real world at the time, and the plot itself which held the very sense of opening to the outer world as it came to surprise the brave humanity with these foundations. The ones whose dependability work as a mandatory for understanding the explosive mentality ahead of its conquer for the reality, and the way it is embraced for both theories and the plot, in enthusiasm and belief this mixture found a way to initiate in power.1

  • Literary Criticism

The thread of these theories tackled above, maintain o the fact that they shared the very same orientation that stood for incredible struggle coming from the bottom of social dreams, social dreams that are of underground reference to the ultimate goal of being an actual systematic beliefs that are well accredited, and these procedures worked their way in forming the ultimate goal, that is application and a status within the regulations of being powerful yet stabilized, with a point of view that stood its ground and had a chance to prove to the realm of this Brave  New World that being an underground; means something big especially when being associated either with powerful head start such as that of Marxism that began with a platform of political affiliations to the regime of Feudalism, Marxism as quoted through time; it came with additional features to the new world at the time, it was close to recognizing that this new world shares bigger visions that than of shared by Feudalism, visions that denoted the idea of war as the sole solution for tearing down the other criticized systems, as this step for instance came in a form of criticism; in which it included the issue of class struggle, such an idea that touches the entire aspects of having a compact community, based on specific regulations with common knowledge and unique realization to the designated subject matter, this very little pace seemed to create a massive void in the relationships of the main systems in rivalry to the subsidiary; yet consequently the result paid off and Marxism took over from then and succeeded in the race of fixing beliefs, changing orientation and beliefs as well.

1 https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Amy_Mazur/publication/288623012_Women’s_moveme

As for the rest of the theories tackled herein, such as Feminism, whose maintenance played a very long trip of trials and tribulations, and the fact that Feminism began its struggle in causing multiple effects in the entire universe, and this was courtesy to publicity of voiceless and powerless individuals, whom in return realized the freedom needed for the birth of the new world and its necessity that the community of women will have to conform to and match eventually, Feminism began instantly to sound such as that of the Empowerment theory, those who suffered the lack of power and dominance yet in their nature, they stood for such quality, the Feminists showed up with a little attitude of no more than a few publicity of manifestations and anti-religious radicalism, with the repercussion of the worlds views instantly turned positively to react to the demise of such ancient beliefs that women felt oppressed towards, the growth of women had deep references to their orientations as a sole community of women, though connected one Society and one destination of future; and what helped this growth to enhance better was with the coming of thinkers and authors, these latter added to the confusion of the Feminism movement for being considered thus at the time, unusual and too erotic to be applied in real life.

The addition of these literary figures helped created a special entourage for the Feminists to invest further goals such as legitimateness of their own, constitutions and rules that declare rights that are as equal as men; basically into every field that did better at. These demands though seemed too extreme and reckless to the courtesy of self-respect and society as well, now this abomination of their world class struggle as of now and made tremendous success, notwithstanding the critical views whose stance caused a backwash as well, still for the Feminists to bargain their agreement with the encouragement of this modern success; such as in Game of Thrones (Book of Ice and Fire).

The power and its ideals now have always been related to the extent of the influence that represents what every single theory, from the idea of initiating the standards till applying them in real life despite troubles and obstacles of the world; especially at the time, yet being close to a movement that seemed to stand for what it did and lost blood for regardless of the objective, being aimed at one designation that is dream coming true.2

2 https://www.britannica.com/art/literary-criticism  

The Empowerment theories as their prominent ones did manage to be overheard and observed in appreciation, the theories in the Empowerment theories are two, however; they are broken down into other segments.


The beginning of this credited for movement has vouched a profusion of valour and credibility in the field of literature, with an essential capacity to making a reservation resort in this new world, with such cultural background that is of high rate of classification and tension, and influential potentials on becoming a mostly inhabitant by the new belief held at the time; and its new form as of now that it became more than a movement itself, it vouched to be a right of outspoken statements out of which several foundations are represented through, the Feminism did not change that much where it started first; holding a degree of self-improving frame of mind that bases an amount of obligations towards society, and the other gender as well, being an important part of the evolutionary world; Feminism has come to terms with the bountiful eagerness that is originally existing within human being, yet the head start was hard enough to contaminate  this latter to a spacious preview of its own field, yet the movement in turn; found a way of raising the bars of challenge to a more addressing theme; which concerns particular target, who in return conform to such fact of graphic terms, and thus began to belong to this field more often than previously captured with slight details. The compound side of Feminism kept growing uncontrollably and laid a layout that managed to touch the new world successfully, that is to say; the outcome of this growth had its side effects to the new world, such as the eccentric application of having the same stance as men, from an intellectual point of view; women are to realize their position within society with whatever price that is on mind, with furthermore risks to be taken into account as long as Feminists have easily reached to compete against men with inappropriate contexts of having that decent life men has always wanted to have, the culture of sex and reckless attitude in gaining the highly rated forms of both limited additions and literary emphasis, these two phases are to be followed in  the fieldof auditioning forwhat men did best long time ago, and this includes work position, work force and the perspective that needs men dynamics, as for the literary emphasis which had several famous figures such as Simone De Beauvoir, who not only helped spread the belief of Feminism into everything it stood for, but also precipitated the emerging theory of Existentialism whose very foundations were constructed throughout the platform of Feminism.

Meaning that the subtle outrage of Feminism when being angered by the society disapproval, did not stop them at their head start, it crazed them to the idea of beginning to engage into inadequate sense of power and knowledge, as it seemed very obsolete and quaint; which had them compelled to form a new vision of declaring their own state of mind, which was beyond the simple act of finding a place and attaining forceful management on the expanse of their own honorable mindset, and Feminists on the other hand also shed the lights on new figure of researchers; such as that of Martin George, who picked the notion vigorously, and applied it on his tremendous sequel of Games of Thrones, as this volume contributed so much that it went beyond the very foundations of Feminism whose boundaries knew nothing but obstacles, and that sharing everything with the other Gender was more than a right, it was a duty that respectfully crushed the ideals and froze them into a masculine statement; by this resort it has managed to fulfill, Feminism has vouched to command respect even though it surrounded itself with harsh criticism.3

  • Feminism Movements

The Feminists intentions have always maintained radical visions upon the qualities they stood for, from the first actions they took into consideration on taking the world with storm, until the conflict they created within the platform of class struggles round the globe, that is to say; societies with whatever orientations they believe whether culturally or religiously, the conflicting struggles of the societies were inflicted by the wave of Feminism. Conclusively for Feminists whose potentials went beyond the sacred resorts of those who were converted to their self-recognition and philosophical dialogues with one’s self.

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In the aftermath of beginning the movement of Feminism, it was first acted like a social, political and a cultural approach to becoming a part of the society respectfully, through which the means of performing such rights came in the form of voting without having to face troubles with this first concept; as it meant to further this effect of having a position within society. The idea here came to indoctrinate the foundations of having rights that included freedom and women liberations, with no sense of limits and an abstract figure to add to the first wave they came with to the world; though it was quite decent and seemed to express an act of awakening.

Eminent figures of the first wave came to open a space for the activists of Feminism, such as Dorothy Wave, Jane Addams, these activists in sociology and poetry have managed to settle a weight power to the pleasure women gained throughout those first strides.

The means of establishing the regulations of ideas, standards Feminists still stand for till this day, was the plain act of predilection to rights and freedom, which meant to state a second subterfuge, that is gaining the civil rights and duties of equality, basically through the establishments of having the right to vote, and thus the right to emanate the qualities of having beyond what was habitual within certain societies that witnessed the growth of Feminism in the first place. As the term of Suffrage maintained a powerful connotation to the push of the second wave itself, as its timeline attained a voice that the world responded to, and publicity of different sorts such as Colored women though oversees came to render well-known figures, such Simone de Beauvoir, this blend of voices created famous acts of sex violence, domestic duties towards themaximum approval, attention and invasion of this movement, and its roughly authentic approach to coming clear to the society at any given price; although they ended up disregarded as outcast, still that did not refrain them from compelling their statements, these statements effected the divorce laws, custody and eliminating obstacles of workplace and sexuality orientations.

The final act of Feminism was a complete inclination to a brave movement that embraced the popularity gained so far, especially when coming to the end of the 20 Century; where a failure hit the third wave, yet the world began to switch sides and fall for newly founded foundations such As Individualism, and the growth of populations whose inclinations as well maintained the embrace of one’s own feature, that is to say; reinvigorating their state of mind respectfully, the main terms gender, class struggle, race, segregations and power in general, came to broad the case studies of the entrance of the 21 century, ending the abuse of women and reassuring a decent position of school and productivity within the social activism, public discussions with educational purposes and reasonable understanding for the services women could provide. The keys for achieving such standards in the new world are the beginning of policies in general, meaning that the final destination for Feminism is the reaction of the world’s perception to the movement perspective with every single feature of it.4

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  • The Four Basic Principles of Feminism:
  • Working to increase equality

According to Anne Mikkola asserts in her Role of Gender Equality in Development A literature review. (10, 2005).Obstacles such as making the right balance in between genders in terms of everything that came to state that it happened to go beyond making manifestations, and protesting to outbreak the first voice of making change, thus; the equality that Feminism rendered was that people need to realize the role of women’s importance in the productivity of social activism, the publishing of activists’ works through everything that links to educational purposes and public discussions such as voting, these acts sounded very rebellious and revolting to the regulations of the American government at first, but it gained support through the congregations of supplementary hands, those of colored women, and others in political position mainly in the parliament and domestic duties.5

  • Expanding Human Choice

Feminists have the inclination to apply their wishes and actions on the expanse of their own reputation, yet the point is to help develop a common sense of interest, and more likely a sense of skills that overtake the capacity of men, and thus reduce their value within the society. The precise idea of human choice leads essentially to the right of having similar jobs such as that of men, workplaces that substitute labor, hard work, force and physical appearance that was supposedly to seem almost forbidden to women, but Feminism came to penetrate that notion and redefine the layout for the choices that a society needed to rethink at the time, and enthusiastically stated that opportunities are to be distributed to both men and women equally.

5 https://papers.ssrn.com/soL3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=871461
  • Eliminating Gender Segregation

Feminism has already denounced their statement of being strong enough to develop themselves in accordance with their standards, and by which came their idea on gender segregation to insist the elimination of those standards that prevented the multiple variety of opportunities, jobs, education and income for women, only as a disadvantage for women for being incompetent and thus unable to achieve men’s potentials whatsoever, however; Feminists opposed this idea by contributing in the diligence of proving themselves through volunteering works that did help them shape the direction they needed to ascertain.” Feminist notions of the self, knowledge, and truth are too contradictory to those of the enlightenment to be contained within its categories” ( Flax 1987, 625). This quote links the categories of Feminism so it makes a whole.6

  • Ending sexual violence and promoting sexual freedom

The sexuality in the realm of Feminism has reached to declare its own freedom respectfully, this means that though growing to thrive within society, they still maintained the frame of mind of choosing their own sexual orientations; even when on the expanse of their reputations that seemed to disfigure their stance within societies, yet this did not stop women to strengthen the positive truth of spreading the status, their standing of grounds for brave acts of selective persona, and that they would not mind the public opinion upon their orientations.

6 https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/0268580906061380
  • Types of Feminism:

Feminism has established so far three main basic forms; these types come in the form of the Brave New World’s aspects, and they are as follow:

A– Liberal Feminism

B- Social Feminism

C- Radical Feminism

  • Liberal Feminism

As for the Individualism being a part of the Feminist theories, this idea they held throughout time announced the call for making their  own choice of ideological beliefs, more specifically the etiquettes they created with no care to the perception of other societies, and thus prompting the idea equality at any price since the main start of Feminism came to imply trough actions observed and overseen. As for the notion of incompetency that mankind has always thought of disrespectfully; Feminists roughly argued that that belief as a complete fallacy mean nothing since society refused the workability and availability of women with those environmental habitats, they criticized that their capability are beyond measurements of what men and society as well think of.

  • Social Feminism

This branch of Feminism stands for the removal of skilful realms of knowledge, even when coming near certain areas that women happened to be expert at, and society did not seem to approve of it at the time, yet they strived to gain an access to such vicinity of cultural, economic backgrounds, Feminists here demanded nothing but the societal development and liberty in performing so, only for the publicity to grasp the particular means of the Feminism that thrust them to commence this class struggle enthusiastically.

  • Radical Feminism

As for the pattern of the Radical Feminism, which is the one we are tackling in our very dissertation; this latter finally appears to address the public voices with a brave tone of new stratification of male existence within the platform of social classes, their economical positions and educational researchers that help unfold the sense of development needed for any social backgrounds; till the last resort of reaching a well-civilized point. Feminists through this standpoint are putting an end to the contextual existence of men in every single field that includes  foundations of workforce and intellectuality.7

7 https://study.com/academy/lesson/feminism-types-and-definitions-liberal-socialist-culture-radical.html

1.4 Gender

In the aftermath of apprehending the truest identity man has so far reached to establish, and yet throughout whatever was prevalent at times no sense of record has ever existed to conduct, steer or found regulations upon, as of now, the category in this field of research is going to examine the existence of both analysis, as to what extent gender identity have played the significant role of searching through the right spot and settling actual rules, and denouncing them with real power and actions, where most notions of both orientations are existing to center their attention upon the fortune of the world; such as power and domination, and that it would be shared by both of them as well, yet the exact idea of Marxism and Feminism respectfully, maintained their existence on the analytical part with a façade and a structure that touched the reality plateau, where no further than modern ideas have spread, these theories would still manage to go alongside the rhythm of concurring the field of power and self- importance in the sense of defying the multiple shapes of captivity that went throughout times and created a substantial touch to reality, confrontations with the deepest persona of Gender itself, and the whereabouts both men and woman relate to.

Fundamentally speaking, the Gender in its core meaning; it is the research of devoting profound Analysis of comprehending the reasoning of such queer and essential acts that modern Gender stands for, based broadly on the earlier references that paid off with such productivity and growth, previous conflicts and racial segregations, being a stable relevance to the social struggles in general, or class struggle respectfully, such structure of indicating the strength that devotes humankind in general in depicting this new form of living as though on the edge, which is the same notion that Feminism stands for, outbreaking due to a resourceful mindset, as well as the influence that faced the individuals with an encouraging push, that is to say, identity was related to the actions made by the powerful most resourceful Gender, with means that helped shape the new face of establishing a contextual side, a literary side and a ranking side, so that the earlier plateau at the time and the new one as well, would easily relate to the contentment of the Gender representation, and the bare tools existing with very little access to the sources ending up in a poor conduct to applying one’s wishful dreams of gathering a clan that base their motion upon historical stamps, an act of self-confidence and its relation to existing with authentic foundations and inner working systems based solely on targeting specific sense of authority, with little depressing moments that passed by the Gender identity in aiming at their goals and achieving them in accordance with personal success. As this concerned an in-depth background of grasping the Gender’s full understanding to stratifying the real intellectuals of them, and their coincidental pertinence to the movement of Feminism, this showed the need for the Games of Thrones to relate to the modern man and their capacity of growing with multi-faceted behavior, or a style that respectfully concern the ideological orientations of the Gender itself; into believing that systematic beliefs of the brave new world, and their actions that are perceived with perseverance to maintaining realistic facts of the hideous truth Gender depicted through time, and Feminism on the other hand that thrust its intuition upon the class struggle that witnessed severe changes; and radically continued on to have the same attire with an interdisciplinary devotion to furthering the mechanism of such deep studies, and how they interact especially with the modern man.

  • Rape culture

According to Frankel (2014) This conception of belief held high position and witnessed several acts of exercising as well, as a flourishing part of the Feminism movement, and yet a successful part too; it came to state the normalcy of incest when related, or targeted to certain audience, theme or a conceptual culture that relishes living on such tradition, as this grew within modern plots such as the Game of Thrones as well, one would simplify this idea into a segment of a big movement that partially made reason to everything it stood for, though conceptual but existing in some communities of modern status, and fantasy works that depict the real world with different scenery, and the lack of regret holding such beliefs as though ordinary yet erotic in its basis of appeal, as for societal success that Feminism focused on initially; rape culture has come as a realistic embrace due to some Gender issues and problems, as well as sexuality orientations for both sexes as well, which creates an even further issue to this concept of incest, only when compared to the conservative majority of the world, meaning that this partial segment of the original movement has maintained a certain place in the real world; but furthered its echo elsewhere in novels and short stories in the form of semi-reality.

As for the cultural background of this new pattern of viewing the power of Feminism, sticks very much to its foundations of converging to settle the dominant vicinity of those who are supportive to the movement in the first place, due to reasons that substitute to personal benefits, influential stances within society, and bigger army such as the one depicted in the Games of Thrones. As for Gender orientations, this maintains a clear insight on the behavioral acts that some individuals do in accordance with their upbringing, knowledge as portrayed throughout changing times due to modernism effects respectfully, and so becoming a plain act of normalcy for some specific population would still be accounted for quite ordinary, whether supported through stories or real life.8

+and+power+game+of+thrones&ots=acAGCgDmo2&sig=lYhNx- C6g_D9b_4HZHVF7gIVE6M&redir_esc=y#v=onepage&q&f=false
  • Feudalism:

The form of Feudalism as a rolling system of the royal families’ in medieval Europe, it came in the form of a hierarchy that stratified the populations’ existence upon their ranks, and has always cited for a harsh regimen to is introduction of Nobles, Kings and Lords whose main function told of the folks they rule thoroughly based on an act of “Fealty” also known as loyalty in the system’s standpoint of relating to such systematic belief.9

In the plot of Game of Thrones’ Song of Ice and Fire, the Andals, also known as the Lannister; who received a revelation from the God of Seven Kingdoms who prompted the invasion of Westeros, as this imagery of warriors came to apply the very same of the Faudalism regimen, where rulers have total control of their folks in a military pattern, and an act of loyalty in which poor folks swear their oath to follow the same system and thus intrigued by it though unable to revolt.10

  • What is power?

Power is the cornerstone of having managed to develop a sense of approaches and dominant mentality over an idea, piece of land, rule, ideology and a democratic systematic beliefs; despite the regime being followed, as well as the nature of whatever is on the horizon to represent such growth of that given power. And power such as in the realm of Feminism; it represents the growth and influence that this movement managed to overcome; achieve and create over time, and none for the reminder, the Feminism has participated in following the steps of several higher powers over its stance and seemed to develop a radical intent of its orientations, this was courtesy to its being unusual and seeming to outbreak the foundations of morality and sense of religious beliefs, Feminism simply approached some genuine philosophical items, such as Existentialist Feminism; which worked its way in provoking several critical outlook on its power and march, especially when coming near the late 20’s century, that was the main breakthrough then that multiple corroborations did empower the last steps being a stepping stone to a free ideologically maintained thread to follow; rather a lifestyle not just for regular people, but for great figures and high standardized thinkers such as Simone De Beauvoir; who seriously reacted to not just adding to the success of Feminism, but also wrote books, literary criticisms and deep sighted essays that appended to the growth, foundations of becoming the easily indoctrinating within modern societies as of now, mankind of all sorts and genders appeal to this movement nowadays, with Agility and less sense of disturbance towards both full comprehension of Feminism and its several aspects towards the individual.11

As for the power concerning oppressive attitudes and that clarified sense of radical dogmatism towards creating the maximum social impact upon the iconoclastic doctrine whose wave touched the entire classes, even the aristocratic one, and this was thanks to the backbone of power that Marxism inhaled in enthusiasm and exhaled in a non-fictional manner, influential and very powerful in its political views, unaware of the foundations lying beyond those outcasts of the society; those existing rules were quite defeated to the dominant growth of Marxism. This movement had indeed consolidated also in the thread of how ideological outlooks worked in accordance to Marx. A sense of production was being

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11 https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/feminist-power/


Welded to society even though with a little struggle that meant to speak of the other reigning systems of societies, to Marx; the nature of work, technology, labor and most significantly that mentality that deems the very powerful system that would represent the backbone of any given regime, attributing finally is that Marxism appeals genuinely to the notion of power more actively and less expressive on showing power in a bourgeoisie way, rather in a regime and a stratagem that keeps other classes underneath the societal aspects in the form of a class struggle, inclusive and dominant to the extent of power that does maintain to prevail social features of associations.

  • Empowerment Theories

Julian Rappaport states that the idea of empowerment has increased in rendering the fact that features of social struggles, and class stratification have managed to comprise actual theories beyond the hypothetically concerned theories that remain by all means possible; simple acts of expressive thoughts and irrational outlook, barely finding a way to integrate whatever movement on the way of becoming a theory, thereby consolidating a constitutional right that pays attention to that feeling of being powerless, to the extent of creating a realm of integrating a real voice for the social achievements that demand connections of personal, social, religious and even traditional aspects that work on the thread of community struggling for a plateau of balance within society.

The developing of a theory of empowerment is environmentally crucial to the populations of any certain capacity, potentials to keep up with the entitlements of the democratic titles, the qualities they stand for and the sense of esteem they provide the society with, that is to say; a social value amongst the people has to realize that coming such a social achievement with support that takes quite some time; it is then a matter of a stratagem than that of quality and a quantity matter in mind, with a statement eventually to mean that Empowerment a contradiction of realizing a society’s dream, inspite of coming near causing this reverie of hypothetical theories to an actual existence that stands for something; as well as being compatible and constituting to being subsidiary to social regimes, or even the harshest doctrines, the Empowerment makes a ground in imposing itself of being though quantitative than qualitative due to being incapable to override its fact of being submissive in nature, yet really so far have been really able to invest into everything newly developed movements, such as Feminism, and its status as an underground movement, the sacrifices that have been taken; as well as  the layers that have been made only to comprise and it worked cleverly and paid off to call for a social right as of now. As for Marxism which also witnessed the very same regulations of being an Empowerment-like movement; yet it has increased to have a dual effect on both social beliefs in terms of being submissive and rightful of making dogmatic decisions upon any given ruling system, and it did manage to pressure its habitat with its harsh orientation of political views being unusual and inappropriate to most other political and systematic beliefs.

The general fact of the Empowerment theory; is that it has nothing to do with the power itself in terms of application, rather clearly it has something to do with the limitations of knowledge upon those underground believers of Empowerment and their role in instigating the application through the smartest move to being able to realize those dreams more trickily and less affectively by plain facts of political affiliations, this unedited style of implementation has come to an occurrence in a moment of carelessness towards what the political systems or regimes nevertheless have to offer to the absorption of societies and communities, and that the theories they wished to create were in their favour eventually, only a matter of time for the supportive of the Empowerment is that their theories would one day be embraced and applied enthusiastically even in constitutions and social regulations.

In the aftermath of being powerless and awaiting for the right incentive to resist, yet conform to any system being submissive to it, and still has to render its sense of theoretical achievements, though lacking clearness and voice in applying the cornerstone of its anthropological philosophy on real life, and thus fulfilled with its very background of knowledge and the very preexisting approaches to its powerless platform, notwithstanding time and effort.12

  • The Transactional Approach in Environmental Psychology

This theory is highly based on both phenomenology and ethno menology, this strategy works fully to dedication to the Micro  level that is the person, and the Macro level that is the environment, thus unit of study means to state the psychological state of both individual and environment pour into one pile of interdisciplinary threads that the case is to be studied accompanied together, and this due to the features, definitions and orientations of what factors such being pragmatic and eclectic in realizing this brought together samples of study.

As this is a sociologically topic that goes for social relevance, here is a quote by Thomas Luckmann and Peter L.Berger of the book of Social Construction of Reality: A Treatise in the Sociology of knowledge:

“Human Existence is, abinito, an ongoing externalization. As man externalizes himself, he constructs the world into which he externalizes himself, in the process of externalization, he projects his own meanings into reality. Symbolic universes, which proclaim that all reality is humanely meaningful and call upon the entire cosmos to signify the validity of human existence, constitute the farthest reaches of this projection”. Peter, B. (1966), the social construction of reality.

This theory comprises of many principles, these principles accommodate to realizing one’s persona of conducting the right moves and contributions to their environments, as the more perspective is utilized, the more the individual is apprised of relating themselves to both psychological and sociological realm, as to the extent of permitting empirical sense of guidance towards the orientation one would feel affiliated to this theory works in parallel to a certain level on inseparable situations theoretically, socially and even in terms of having the same belief that ends up in an inseparable, this methodology has stated itself as the strength of being powerless in the nature of the Empowerment theory, yet strong in holding the idea of being under one batch of case studies that concern the futuristic orientations, and the observations of aiming at being submissive; yet increasing in the theory realm; to a success that existed and still exists till this day13.

13 https://www.researchgate.net/publication/234167386_Environmental_Psychology
  • Structuration Theory: Giddens’s duality of structure

This theory structure pours neither into the diverge of both primacy and preference to humanity, another name that refers to the Structuration is Social structure; this latter denotes the outcome of human being actions, and that whatever though intentional and unedited in their nature; there is a relevance as to the extent that human being are the ones who deem their own destiny towards their environmental society, that is to say; condemnation of social struggles cannot be solved nor measured by other investments such as hoping to get advantage from the social structures to somehow help develop the sense of enhancements, and that only people who enable the duality of structure that is working in a vice versa manner. This latter renders purpose, power, and efficacy to the social rules and resourcefulness of both structures once again that is men and its surroundings.

There are three main concepts courtesy to the Structuration theory of Giddens, Communication, Power, Sanctions, these aspects relate to the actions render by human being throughout their entire duality with those three concepts of having a significance to life, according to Anthony Giddens, the founder of this Duality Structuration theory; he states in his Constitution of Society:

“Suppose, by way of illustration, we isolate a relation between technological change and patterns of managerial organization in business firms. The expanding use of microchip technology, let us say, might be shown to be associated with a partial dissolution of more rigid forms of hierarchical authority. The ‘Social force’ involved here is not like a force of nature.
Causal generalizations in the social sciences always presume a typical ‘Mix’ of intended and unintended consequences of actions, on the basis of the rationalization of conduct, whether ‘Carried’ on the level of discursive or of practical consciousness”. Anthony, G. (1984), The Constitution of Society.

In this quote from his Constitution of Society; Anthony gives the example of duality, and by that he declares the effect of both human and environment upon the significance of their own social patterns and how they are possibly conducted within these circumstances.14


In the aftermath of this research, we have discovered subsidiary subjects that led us to the foundations of numerous fields, and the manner we chose to tackle this dissertation was to expand main titles into other multiple titles, such as the extension of Feminism, the more readability the more availability we encountered during the collection of data, the views on Feminism grew to include more than a simple movement.

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