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Pessimism in the Eyes of the Universe.

The idea of Pessimism lands at the bottom of one’s behaviour and surroundings when either fostering or ending such negative attitude, respectfully; the upbringing of a person gives a clear vision of the patterns to be taken by this individual, we get to notice appalling features such as low self-esteem, depressive moods with no sense of control over them, anxiety and eventually unusual breakdowns that pass throughout childhood and transforms to the worse at the entrance of adolescence. These are the regulations of an optimist once put to life confrontations; the realizations of this brain views is condemned and bound by the genetic and the environmental mechanism which help shape such machinery that is the brain, soul combination to thus behaviour.

The efficiency of an pessimistic perception has always been restrained with feeble reaction and defeatist attitude, that is the depth of comprehension would no longer be related to social experiences and heavy layouts which further the causes and effects, quite the contrary; Pessimism’s acknowledgments interfere deeply with the decisions that are psychologically, socially, culturally made, on top of the pressures naturally occurring due to any given state of mind, yet the circumstances differ and automatically bringing along severe and simple acts of encounter; Religion for instance as a primary source of faith and hope, though packaged by Divine powers that instinctively calm the one’s spirituality, still with some void to be lacking the right enthusiasm, the inner mechanism at any point is of strong effect that it remains its flow of negativity along the longevity, and is therefore the case that prolongs its failing attitude towards any challenge.

In the case of death, a pessimistic individual retains a sorrowful mourning towards any state bereavement along life; a beloved or a relative. Though death as known to be the final departure of a human being to another dimension for good, still the vision for a negative person is to get worse and react naturally pessimistic, when a separation happen even alarmed; the brain’s maintenance pictures in despair that life is to get worse and that none of the energetic activities would do any good to enhance for the better.

One according to their beings; is bound to contemplate an extreme expectancy with no possibility to bounce back respectively, this conception scientifically prove that genes are of great significance to the ways human beings’ natural reactions and overreaction with the globe.

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