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My Hometown Djelfa.

Far away I am taking you where only deep minds could grasp what I am going to say in the following paragraphs, I am not sure enough whether you are adequately ready to trace and follow my ideas, my reflections, my philosophical way of presenting my resort, not sure enough to make everyone grasp and picture the commodity of my subject; those whose brains buried deep inside respectively.

Ready! Ready enough! It is that place, that world of mine, that appealing thing I want to tell you about philosophically; it is my hometown. Yes!! It is my hometown again here I say it, where shall I commence? And where shall I end up eventually? let’s walk slowly and silently through the starry streets, I’d gaze such beautifully built buildings reflecting the amazingly marvelous structured hearts of those who live in it, it is there where you can have whatever you want to take, eat, drink, talk about, play and take in greater proportion, among those wholeheartedly amazing people; it’s my hometown once again, I am thinking of now, please let’s pause a moment.

Again it is that place where I grew up where my ideas heartily attached themselves to, my philosophy structured and amazingly developed, Yes; they are those vast streets where I always hang out day and night; marching calmly, staring the walking men and women, the scurried motion and the playful children, it really is amazing to contemplate again and again its picturesque buildings even if it were those simply constructed houses, it is my hometown that I have always nostalgically talked about, it is worth more than being nostalgically accredited when it comes to my hometown, let’s pause again then let you know its name.

Ready enough to follow me? It’s my hometown Djelfa that I am thinking of and talking about now. It is that place known of its cold winter, hot summer, windy autumn and those lively spring days, did you get the picture now? That’s how my hometown appears to be throughout the four seasons, and my story is with those cold winter days when I take my classic novel at night and start diving deeply inside its coldly profound words and terrific meaning an author tries to get through, it is the night when I get out of my bed heading directly to the kitchen where I might find some cold coffee to heat, I’d be able to read and waiting for the dawn to zealously to pour the calm streets with snowy character; it means to reflect the calm minds of my hometown folks; I am trying my best to tell you everything about it as well as the fact that I am profoundly attached to it, as for the rest of the other seasons; I just keep them as calm as they naturally seem to be respectively down deep within my slef-righteousness; they’re quite helpful that way.

Here in my hometown where I learnt a lot, discovered a lot and lived a lot, it is where I built who I am, my ideas, my words, my personality, my identity, my education and myself, it is here in my hometown where I learnt life was truly never as easy as it ever seemed, here too; I learnt that my hometown can never ever be as other places.

Let’s now say some words about the people of my hometown; it is a place where you can simply find structured minds and philosophically great ones who both play a great role and substantial support in forming the society, they are those two minds who helped me to be the way I am; the way I write and think even if it were not yet that critically creative enough, it would be one day just somehow with a great deal of patience! Now I am among those kinds of people whom I am philosophically inspired by, whom they enthrallingly and amazingly shocked me, those whom I am supposed to be thankful to, for it is the reason behind who I am; the reason behind those flamboyant words coming deeply out my mind, they are a big part of my hometown.

Let’s take you to where I used to live in my countryside; a small cottage where you could smell those beautifully clean hearts, where you can hear no noise except for those deep sounds coming out from the birds’ siren singing habits, they are those sounds I couldn’t bear hearing them constantly, yet; for they really deeply affected my psychological state of mind, sometimes they trigger my philosophical mind incredibly to start quietly flowing towards different deep ideas, It was because of them my mind started to say words which I myself couldn’t understand as they were not just difficult but philosophically deep and vague.

To this extent; I have to say I am strongly and deeply sorry for such nostalgically deep and vague words I depended on heartily to talk wholeheartedly about my hometown; it is such a unique context which made me say it the way you are reading it, let’s now take a last pause then say my last words about my hometown.

Once again I would like to say if you want to deeply imagine my beautifully designed hometown and fully understand my words which described it a bit philosophically and nostalgically, I would enthusiastically say you are heartily invited to trace back again and again my words attempting to make your minds and hearts altogether dive in far away from such a noise of nowadays problems; trying also to make them focused and prepared enough to follow my hometown’s journeys of existence; I would say your imagination is enthusiastically invited too so that you could afford what I have been saying about my hometown; my love I could say, it is my hometown Djelfa.

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Greetings, My name is Jillani Birech, I am a writer of Literature, especially poetry and its vast aspects such as Creative Writing and Critical Thinking. This Blog is a golden platform of what our community can provide to the world of critical thinking and creative writing.

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