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Messages of Greek Philosophers (Part1).

Of all the statements that impart of the colossal impact of the Greek philosophers, at the time being the lowdown and center of several assertion to undersanding today’s colossus of philosophy; and thus literary forms, and that what they criticized, stated and dared redoubtably to talk about what was none but the mere conclusion of their zeitgeist to the proportion of perception at the time as well; being at the struggles of living those standards and blending their own with the thread of realizing the better attire to comprise and subsidize compendiously. Those figures were to clarify the notions of moralities when visual aids of the surroundings seemed to get rather irritably unbearable, and most facts did not sound delicate to be smoothed over anymore, until they found it quite crucial for them to interfere and harbour their own selections of the ultimate thoughtfulness they reached through the innate absorption of the world, their enigmatic imaginations and lubricant interactions with the world as it got very melodic and intuitive to the factoid of creating superb convolutions to their writings, and managed through which to bargain their rulers and environments to be overall stunned with that credibility of the static visions of things from a very clear and decent angle, and they did ace the patterns they took in pertinence to the behemoth standardized characterizations they came up with on their own; leaving us very much staggered to append to what they did as the stem needed for their continuous works till today, we would not exactly be able to do that except for a little analysis and a mild additions to the translatability of their caliber to the respect of their writings and works.

As I managed to add to the wonder of their work is that many biographical pieces of writings are highly capable to compound a batch of newly developed theories and etiquettes, even standards out of which relevance becomes the adherent part of the solo work and the writer apart; to be considered a prodigy and a luminary of their time, being able to recognize the very significance of the time being lived and experienced enthusiastically, and the rest of potentials being conducted to the prevalence of representations are more likely to prompt a pre sense of discoveries and foundations to perceptive agendas and people too, while marking the stupefaction of such breakthroughs despite the timing appearing in; to be spectacularly marvelous and worthy of being taken into considerations and revised profoundly. The Greek philosophers when peeking to oversee the ground needed for their times, and now that we have their masterpieces that are still phenomenal and ancillary to what we vouch for deeply when we today write and picture vividness to rely upon, we feel it quite pleasant to have had characters like them; trail blazers with a sense of virility in attributing to the management of the subtle sides of philosophy merely astonishing and magnificent to bound one’s self to.

Though when used to bounce back real fast and claim pristine ameliorations to the standards of our living procedures, it feels quite thrived and gained before, as to our denial of being super creative and efficient to the realm of philosophy and its boundaries free to depict the illustration of each single thought ever occurring to us, and their biggest advantage of all is what they mentioned in particular of the solicited meekness, the terse interaction with a world of sheer appellations to the pointlessness of things, the non sequiturs of the so-called connoisseurs and the worthless pandemonium caused to the world due to the highly promoted people of status and nothingness in their mindsets, and that those of inferior aristocracy are only what the world could breed now that they are the ones who can contribute to the documentations of the behavioural aspects of mankind; and did manage to shake the world and gotten the chance to be rewarded in conceit and glorious momentums, as this would a difficult thing to pull off and get through occasionally; unless demeaned and deterred miserably, namely the plight for this very quagmire would be the acts of the insalubrious miscellany that shapes itself in a great hindrance; challenging the status of humanity and expecting a combat and an esteem to be well-known

And respected to the convenience of a better new perceptions and foundations from these, new agendas as well that stand for the total abrogation of the systematic beliefs the world seems to follow helplessly, and pretend otherwise of being brainwashed, stepped at and infiltrated magnanimously, yet with a later result of the things round here since the world began to see development and domination of our home earth; it never felt frankly free and decently steered by the highest power and the entry indoctrinations they still want us to follow and obey. This needs a thoughtful onslaught and a reasonable coup that sets things back to their lines, where equanimity permeates swiftly and the world then seeks those earlier than ever philosophical dictums that managed to bring about affable regulations to both platforms of their own at the time; and of ours meanwhile, the hardest race of all yet doable when in belief and caliber of performance and relevance.

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