Samuel Langhorne Clemens, aka known by his as moniker Mark Twain, this figure was more than a mere writer to the eyes of the American heritage when in it comes to literary foundations in the New World, Mark was the epitome of American Literature due to his inimitable style and approach to several subjects he tackled; and the views he felt compelled including due to his life courses round the county at the time. Most of his subjects were to deal and discuss Religion, Ant-Imperialism, Labour, Vivisection and most importantly Civil Rights, Mark felt ardently related to these realms for he himself experienced some of them partially; and sometimes fully and managed to gain a good amount of knowledge upon them, so much the better he left a profound legacy when passing away due to a severe heart attack, his touches of being a Writer, Humourist and a different job that was being an entrepreneur, gave him quite a reputation that he was credited by the 27th US president William Howard Taft. He eventually was rendered the name of the “Father of the American Literature” by another American figure William Faulkner; a writer and a novelist due to Samuel’s original enrichment and topics tackled by his cunning intellectuality.

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