Simplified Stories

Jimmy Alexia (The Behemoth Changes for the Better).

What could possibly happen if Jimmy puts in mind all the things he wants to do? The boy who happened to be the youngest, the most pampered one amongst his brothers and sisters, that’s because they were rich and big generous family and therefore, no wretchedness was to be seen by anyone of them; whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted it, it was always there for them, as for Jimmy, he was so out of his family’s entourage, he didn’t talk too much, he didn’t eat too much, the only thing he used to do is watching great legends on television and wishing to be like them one day. his mother thought he was a bit troubled by something, to him, it was all about building his personality, and though he was 10 years old, he was weirdly reasonable, and sometimes was queer to be seen by his siblings, it was out of jealousy for sure, no one has ever appreciated his so early wit except for his precious mommy and daddy, they knew that something was unique about him, his all time loneliness specialized him as a rare, what was great about him is that he used to wish and beg for a long lifetime, he even used to say it in public, in front of his family, but as usual, it still seemed befuddled thing to deal with.

And just like any other day, Jimmy was on the way home, and while walking; he was stopped by a blend of two sweet odours, it was that delicious perfumed coffee mixed with musk, a smell that he couldn’t resist, the moment he walked to the bar, he found a mass of strangers having all kinds of cheap meals, cheap beers and cheep coffees and most importantly is that his father was among those who happened to be “known people“ It was so odd that Jimmy’s father was with them, but it has always been, and always will be ( Like father like son ) the father was such a maniac in his childhood, smart and secretive, and therefore, he knew that his attitudes will be inherited to one of his children, then shockingly Jimmy grabbed his father’s hand and brought him outside and said: “ What are you doing with these strangers in this place?“ Then the father replied: “ Chill son, these people represent all the things you want to be in your life, I want you to walk right in on them, and tell them who you are, you don’t have to worry about anything, they are my best friends“ So luckily that Jimmy was an obedient child and did exactly what he was asked to do, and once he finished talking, he got an amazing clap by the whole people in there. The meeting was over and everybody left except for the bartender to clean up the mess of that little party, no one could ever imagine Jimmy’s joy for being appreciated by his father and other people who were friends of the family, he thought that only his obsession could fuel him through his life challenges, yet now; another adorable grasp by his father that showed support and satisfaction has truly cheered him up.

The days moved on, and everything was just fine, Jimmy kept getting better and better, his parents have always kept up the good work, to Jimmy; the older he gets, the more he realizes that all life challenges are nothing but particular tests, it takes you through the nicest and throws you to the harshest, Jimmy had everything, he had it all, quite frankly he couldn’t ask for more, wealth, power and manners, he was even taught many important things, things that were too old for him to know, things like only middle-aged and people on the verge of senility knew better, thanks to the parents for being there all the time, not to mention the suitable entourage, friends and people of all ages loved him, they all looked out for him, now, our friend Jimmy was always worry about seeming less important than everybody else, the boy was so unbelievably humble, sweet and doesn’t hurt a fly,  he used to be some kind of drowned in too many complicated thoughts and feelings, dear mommy tried her best to know what was it with him, his eyes used to tell the versus of his actions, and since he was a talkative person, teenager signs started to be unleashed, his madness of achieving greatness grew more and more, he was even ready to drop school and travel across the world just to make his dreams come true, his father became as hopeless as his mother especially after his sudden mania that grew even bigger, after a long and deep thinking, he went to him, sat with wrung fingers, then agonizingly spluttered: “ You’ll make money, you have that entrepreneurial spirit, why don’t you stop being selfish and think a bit of your family’s fear about you? You are exaggerating son, things don’t go that way……….. “Inquiringly interrupted: “It’s not about the money, it is about being special, for I want to accomplish my goals as you taught me, you seem to be overwrought father, is everything fine?  Replies the father:” Don’t act the fool when I am talking to you, you think you are man enough to fulfill your dreams with this reckless mind of yours? ” Yes I can father, if I am going to live a series of vacuum chases, then I am better off dead, believe me when I tell you that this huge step I’m going for is really hard, but I still think it’s doable, that’s all I have to say for now, you just have to wait for me till I show everything in my power to all of you” The old man mockingly muttered: “ Your path seems to be much different than mine son, I thought it was a way beyond empty, so I got scared, good luck” Said Jimmy.

After a long time of wild journeys, Jimmy have finally gave bewildering directions to his superiority in development, knowledge and convictions, weirdly had no problem to confuse his family, and that’s the real fear, his simplicity of taking things was going to blacken his near future.

What his father mentioned that something bad was going to happen, was a true conclusion, the lad didn’t seem to believe in gravity and safety, he took advantage of reaching the age of twenty, and since he was a candid young man, he started to collect information that were considered strictly confidential, gentlemen and sophisticated characters had filled the basement while everybody not around, some of the neighbours thought it was some sort of extreme societies, and some thought it was some kind of festivity, but no loud music was to be heard, if animals such as: Dogs, Cats would manage to communicate with any human being, they would confess against any haters who were about to make counterfeit scandals, because sounds that were coming out were nothing but the typewriter and torn papers, as for their front yard, it was nothing but a beautiful glade that was just perfect to pets and kids to float around, but Jimmy didn’t care, nothing seemed to bring his attention, his actions towards his fellows kept getting weirder, every weekend was like a chance, a stepping stone to better things.

A stout old-fashioned fella, dressed almost in rags, hideous moustache and grotesque black brogue, but seemed to have heaps of money, he was standing on the pavement, right in front of the tavern, Jackson’s tavern, a moment before Jimmy was heading for his meeting, the stranger got his observation all of a sudden, Jimmy gazed for a while and almost waved, but the man in rags pretended to have a smoke, it was a white super yummy cigarettes, it was  “PALL MALL”, it was a pristine pack of smokes, it was what Jimmy had swallowed right then, since that stranger had what drove Jimmy crazy, a good looking business man, but this time with smokes, Jimmy got demoralized and went to him and said: “ Would you like to join us, sir?” the gentlemen answered him in haughty sternness: “ Who are you and what do you mean? “  Jimmy smiled and said: “You are probably just what we need; I’m having a secretive gathering…..” Inquisitively interrupted and wondered: “What is this? Is this some kind of Satanism sects? “ Jimmy oddly guffawed and muttered: “ I could definitely be sued if I say yes it is, but I can accuse you for entering our small village, this is Arizona sir, it is secured “ Mr. stranger jeered: “ Is this a threat? As the matter of fact, I will take an oath of loyalty to your proud business, shall we go now?” Followed his lead in bewilderment, the stranger was a man of a sharp prudence, and once they entered the basement; he pulled a gun and pointed it at them: “All of you stay down, no buzz scoundrels, Jimmy…………… You seem perceptive, why don’t you step back son?”Annoyingly shouted: “What are you doing for God’s sake sir? These are my fellows, put down the gun and let us talk as civilians” The stout appeared to understand and while leaning over to put it on the ground, brutally smashed with an old chair on his face, dust  covered almost the whole room, and since the vision was low, the man with gun was thrown on the table by a gigantic member of the meeting, things were going very bad but stopped by Jimmy, he courageously looked into his pocket, and what was found was even so bad, the fella was an Internal Affair agent, Jimmy got shocked and said: “You know you could be killed and buried, on top of that, you could never be heard of” That gigantic member didn’t want to test any of his fellows’ patience, he raised his hand with a dirty card in it: “Our guest is an undercover agent sent to end our secretive work” One of the member angrily clenched his fist and yelled: “Then let us kill this prick” As usual, Jimmy interfered and said: “You have completely mistrusted me the moment you pulled that trash sir, you could have at least manage to do your job with a little of integrity, it wouldn’t kill you…………. You’ll find the way out on your left stairs sir” The old man staggeringly left with a confusing look upon his face, he was so shocked at that little accident, so shocked that he couldn’t believe that people in Arizona are that much of harshness. Things got back normally, the meeting was almost over but this time fully mistrustful, and once they finally reviewed their stuff, a close partner named Lewis, grabbed Jimmy’s hand and said: “Are you nuts? That man you have just let go is probably worse than an undercover; he may not know what we are up to; but he could surely accuse us for assaulting him, do you want to have us busted?” Jimmy bopped Lewis’ head just to calm him down: “Don’t you worry dear friend, I promise you that by the time they arrive, they will remain handicapped, trust me; plus, things are going to be so bad that even us could be jailed” Apparently, the lad’s talk didn’t cheer Lewis up, again but this time, a little tougher, Jimmy grabbed his crew neck and shouted: “Pull yourself together Lewis, why didn’t any of us exaggerated about that moron undercover? We are doing this with an awareness of getting in deep troubles; we shall win and finish corruption, so have faith, alright?” The little speech seemed to be a cradle of reassurance that succeeded to calm Lewis, since he was so young and fragile, having an unfortunate lame family who is known of its connivance with the politicians was his one and only tribulations to get rid of sooner or later, obviously, not only Jimmy was in deep trials, but also closest friends, and yes, now everything looks far-reaching, if their credibility of facts turn to be weak, as though they need real evidences and deadly facts to set things right once again, because our friend Alexia is coming with more than superficial convictions, as the matter of fact he was coming to put those rich scumbags in prison where they get to decay in there.

Many things are going on nowadays, don’t come just like that………..!! It is all about the money, money solve everything, money solve it all, Jimmy was as generous as old honest people, a time where no evil, greed, envy had ever existed, he found out that to get his job done, he needs money, actually lots of them, or he won’t be able to cause changes as he wished, it was a little easier to make the next step,  since the next month was all about election, he made sure to have a couple of hours to make a conversation, no problem was to be seen especially being the Alexia’s.

The week-end is now over, everything backed to normality, children went to school, parents headed for work, but Jimmy didn’t do that, and for the first time ever, he skipped school for he didn’t have enough information, the money problem was solved, he needed to have paparazzi for his humorous show, he thought of hitchhiking to Utah, but remembered that his state was really secured, having borders all over the place was like a pain in the neck, but as usual, as though such hindrances would refrain Jimmy’s determination, weirdly he forgot about one of his best childhood friend, Jerry, Lewis’s cousin, he was a trucker, a crazy trucker who is known to the police of having plenty of tickets, this man travels all the time, day and night, he was restless and had a timeless twelve cylinders mighty Kenworth that was always ready to hit the road, apparently, luck was always on our friend’s side, the one and only lie he was about to make was supposed to be so convincing that even for a long absence of his, nobody would worry about him and think of unwanted results, he took off hopefully it won’t be a frustrating journey, they passed the borders and slipped the boring police men, they kept moving till the truck came to a complete stop, according to Jerry, he forgot to fill the radiator with coolant fluid, and once again, it was nothing but a lucky shot once the engine heated up and his owner decided to stop at a brand-new bar, the trip was still long to their location, Jimmy decided to stay for a while and get some piece of mind, and since they stopped in the middle of nowhere, it was the suburbs, it was exactly what strangely electrifies junior Alexia with life, and while sinking in thinking, Jerry was originally from Tennessee, and Nashville to be exact, he tried to joke around, especially with that freak accent of his, it left Jimmy in deep laughter: “Chill kid, you’re scaring the crap out of me with that maturity upon your face…………….. Anyways, it ain’t gonna kill ya if you just let go, I mean……… I know you’ve been trying, but Jesus man!! They gonna get caught after all, matter of fact, I would be more than happy if you manage to throw their dumb ass skanky dreams in prison” After such speech, Jerry prayed with a stuffed mouthful of Nachos: “Jesus lord protect us of all that is good and holy, deliver me from fat people in short pants” He weirdly took Jimmy’s observation and once he turned, he let out a loud guffaw: “What are you talking about nonsense boy?” “I’m talking about fat people in summer time” Jerry replied, still Jimmy in a humourous mood: “But what do fat people got to do with our speech?” Asked Jimmy, “…………. Nothing, let’s get outta here” Apparently, Jerry keeps getting funnier and funkier, they’d rather be suffocated than being mute all the way to Salt Lake City.

Since the road was still long and nothing seemed to cheer Jimmy up, although Jerry’s ridiculousness, it just didn’t do enough, unfortunately, Jimmy started to feel a bit of an inertia about his biggest step, he thought of not being believed, to him, it was more than a case, it was about attaining justice, he didn’t even care to be sentenced to life in prison, as long as he did believe in what he was going to happen, it was just fine, as for commitment, he got bored of submissive rulers, this time, he wanted to disclose them, it was all about breaking their rules and making new ones, like it or lump it, Jimmy’s reputation was known of admiration for good looking and often business man, and since he had that little awkward accident with that undercover agent, he remembered that that foreigner had some kind of charming cigarettes, the lad had completely forgot about them, though Jerry and he got stuck around in that station for a while, he just went in a silly speech and solemn thoughts, he felt helpless, so all of a sudden he bent over and covered his face looking like he lost his life or sort of, what could be concluded from his surprising action is that Jimmy thought of adding attraction while addressing those foolish, he wanted to have smoke with quiet wonderment…………… As far as he was concerned, it seems like he is still softy, Jerry got so curious about such oddness and said: “What was that for man?” Jimmy was afraid of a straight answer so he twisted it and claimed to be ill, “We’re almost there, hang on man” said Jerry, in a blink of an eye, came another station but this one was a multi-faceted station, it looked some sort of a building, luckily for Jimmy, it contained a pharmacy, so he hurriedly got out, slammed the truck’s door and went in as though he was going to witness a funeral, and since he had no idea about the brands, he got lost in front of a massive range of beautifully coloured packs, he decided to pick the most expensive one, quickly he handed over the money, took his pack and rushed to Ache Range pretending to buy some medicines, he was afraid to be caught by Jerry, once the trucker entered, he walked right in towards Jimmy with clenched fist and beady wrathful eyes: “Next time you rush for something knowing that you’re completely outsider in this damn place, remember that you’re a suspect of anything, and therefore, both you and I could get our butt kicked, get it?” Now, what they have just did, really made them look like suspects, Jerry’s screaming and Jimmy’s fright of both being caught and busted for his reckless attitude, as they finished talking and were about to leave, a monstrous look upon people’s faces in there, it looked like it was warning them to go away, so in order to smooth it over, Jerry apologized for shouting, grabbed Jimmy’s hand and rushed to his truck, they got back to the road passing by a giant instruction showing that their destination is no longer far, may be few miles away.

Great precision is required to bind that batch of information, a few minutes later, the adventurers finally arrived to Salt Lake City, it was an adorable place to be, a humble town surrounded by suburbs, and while entering, Jimmy noticed a superstar coming out of his limousine right in front of a huge expensive hotel, it got his attention not because of the car or the superstar, it was that bunch of hidden paparazzi amongst fans, and to make his first step, he asked Jerry to pull over in a parking lot, but unfortunately, there was a long traffic, and therefore had to wait, so out of the blue, and again, Jimmy got out quickly in the middle of the road, and headed for the crowed, he didn’t bring anybody’s attention for being unfamiliar and saw that he obviously lacked fame to be observed, for a while he remembered that he only needed just one cameraman, after that, a whole crew of photographers would escort him to his home, as usual, he managed to convince someone to come along, with both successful movements, the three of them went to the main goal of their researches, a local church located in Rose Park owned by Lewis’ uncle, the object of breaking into that holy place was to get some fake contract signed by Mr. Bradley Johnson who is now both the head minister of Arizona and the minister at that local church, the operation went well especially with the deception pulled by the camera man, he acted to be religious and took pictures only from both in and outside, it distracted the security, and once their risky movement was over, Jimmy got out of the window he used to get in, passed in front of the frontage delightfully, went to the parking lot where Jerry was waiting, picked their buddy and went for another collection of cameramen, they were easy to be found, now Arizona is about to witness serious scandals, a man who was secured with everything, people in there had faith in him, they gave an enormous amount of money to help him work things out, they wanted to see amelioration before their eyes, yet lies could never ever last forever, it may work for a while; it could be long too, but sooner or later will collapse.

So far and two days to go to elections, it is good enough for our friends to arrive and set things as well as it should be, and they did, they arrived and Jimmy called for a reunion to review the last steps, the elections day was a nothing but nonsense that’s used to make the citizens believe that they have the freedom of choice whereas everything is long time ago arranged, the next morning, the whole town woke up with joy, and heading for the municipality to witness the nomination of the head minister, two months ago, a massive title was unleashed “Who deserves to be the one who rules us” and always has been that way, in less than five minutes, the hall was full, though its gigantic size; some of the crowed had enough standing on the sides and the corners, Jimmy and his crew were there before the guards opened the gate, they set out the cameras, they even forged a badge for their one and only paparazzi so that he gets a chance to stand right in front of the announcement table, after such a noisy layout, Mr. Bradley Johnson entered with sly smile upon his face, brand-new black suit, walking in pride and glory, stood still for a few seconds looking at the people, as he was about to wave with his hand, he got a shouting acclamation that seemed to be out of respect, but none of that would fool Jimmy and his fellows, the foxy made a long boring crappy speech that lasted for a few minutes, the big waiting was then finally over, and since being the Alexia’s, he has always participated in such activities, so again, he got himself a chance to make a sort of semi-speech that was going to make a bloody deviation, he stepped in and shook Mr. Bradley’s hand as if he looked up to him, grabbed the microphone and started to address people: “Good morning ladies and gentlemen, today is a huge day, it is the day when all our effort and faith are put together in the hand of the man who has been kind enough to lead us towards progression for about five years…………… Actually six years to be exact, and here comes the seventh……..” Interrupted by the crowed with another proud clap, Jimmy returns with much sharpness upon his face: “Excuse me folks, before you go any further, I want to tell you that I will go straight without delay, see………, in this world, we have plenty of mentalities, good and bad, dirty and clean, players and honest, it happened to be that we had one, and is still going to exist amongst us if we don’t do anything about it,  I know you might be wondering what I am talking about, but please, no need to be shocked, because quite simply, our head minister is an unbelievable fraud” said with a heavy heart, suddenly the whole people exploded like hell babbling and wanting to know what was really going on, stood a member of the municipality filled of anger: “What is this dumb child is talking about, get him away from there, he’s not appropriate for such talk?” Jimmy already felt some sort of hesitation to keep going, but was encouraged just from the look of his friends prevalent all over the hall, he looked at his father for a few seconds in some kind of regret and disappointment, but decided to unleash his pain within, emotions and broken hopes were all held deep down him, a very valorous conversation was going to be occurred between Jimmy and Mr. Bradley“.

“Let us both be man enough, I’ll start with questions, all you have to do is answer me sincerely, and remember that ever you since had control of it all, you promised to listen to anyone, even their trivial things” Jimmy stated “Alright, you can start then” said Mr. Bradley with a face beaded with perspiration “Two years ago you released an announcement of helping local churches and poor people in and outside the country, did you really do that?” “Yes I did, but what does collaboration got to do with our speech?” replied Mr. Bradley “Oh yeah..! Then why half of Phoenix’s churches are going to be strip clubs?” The people got shocked more and more, as for Mr. Bradley “This is nonsense..!! I did help them and I got the proof” “Never mind, what about last year’s layout of rebuilding the park, why is it still semi-devastated? Why can’t I see any workers or even parked bulldozers?” stated Jimmy inquisitively “They wouldn’t come, what do you want me to do about it? I even paid them more just to get it done as soon as possible” “That’s because they knew everything about you, and quite frankly I’m the number one responsible for their escape with the money, I told them how badly corrupted you are” Jimmy just had it here “This grew worry in people’s hearts and almost had them leave “What is this? A Goddamn trial? Get that douchebag out of here right now?” Fully loaded with rage, scared of being scandalized in front of the town, and therefore, swore and acted to be accused. “I’m sorry Mr. Bradley that you don’t like honesty, but what I am saying is a result of a quest for truth, and here I am “Ain’t scare of the face-off” As you always say……… Mr. Bradley, am I right?” All of a sudden, the whole crowed started shouting and almost got riled on and threw stuff. “Mr. Alexia, tell your son to leave this hall immediately, or your job will be on the line” Mr. Bradley furiously said, again, people had enough of the dirty talk, a serious look between the Alexias, but this time, it was a smart sign to Jimmy to stop his ongoing accusations, but the lad kept being stubborn and almost forgot the main scandal.“

Once again, Mr. Bradley, I have to tell you this right here where all the people get to hear and wake up, I went to Utah two days ago in research for your reign over that local church in Salt Lake City, I found fake contracts signed by you, and guess what? Listen people, the money that was given with such a kind heart is now sponsoring a huge company of prostitution, your scoundrel hero Mr. Johnson is planning to open other branches of his, and you know how? He’s planning to set a new announcement called “Phoenix the beautiful” Right after his new nomination, of course, it will require more money, and I believe that’s it for me, here are all the evidences you definitely want to see, call me crazy however you want, sue me for decades, but you’ll thank me later” Jimmy by now took a batch of papers off his bag; gave them to Andrew the gigantic so that he makes copies of them, though his size, he managed to run away and spread the news, a few seconds later, a massive number of cops came in and took Jimmy to the lockup thinking of him as a drunk or some kind of a local nutcase, as for the crew, there was actually a deal among themselves not to be mentioned, just in case something bad happens, the plan was to keep up their message of being against corruption, they knew that they will be turned down, so without any delay, they rushed to bring an attorney, and not just anyone, he was an old friend as well, because in a case such as theirs; sometimes affording a great lawyer and even bribing the judge wouldn’t work the case out, they quickly supplied him with all what it took and waited for the trial.

Now it is so obvious that Jimmy’s exaggerations about what is right and wrong had finally took a dark side, and that the parents’ thoughts about him were suspicious back then, but now so valid, comes the day where evil fades away, Jimmy’s speech seemed to do its job in the next four days while he was in the lockup thanks to his friends of course, again, the court filled out and almost drove the judge crazy, everything was so messy that the security guards needed back-up and ended up putting loudspeakers on top the court stuck to the domes so that the whole people outside get to listen, but something very bizarre was going to happen, while Jimmy was in the cell waiting for his name to get in, came that stout fella on the sly, he somehow slip between the guards and entered, he found Jimmy staying on the ground rather than on the bed, wrung fingers and downed head, but very beautiful smile upon his face, the agent whispered: “Hey Jimmy…………. Jimmy, you are going to be alright, chill out, everyone supports your case now thanks to your crew and the sharp proofs you gave, all of Arizona nowadays are awaken” What really confused Jimmy is the presence of the man in the middle of the jail, on top of that, coming with preaches of coolness: “I thought of you as one of Mr. Bradley’s spies, so I had to let you go like that, are you okay?” Said Jimmy, the fella laughingly answered back: “Firstly, are you still having respect for that knucklehead after all what he did? Secondly, you should stop being worried about me and start being happy for you are going to humiliate him more and more as soon as you walk into the court, you saved our precious state kid” But that did not cheered Jimmy up, I wouldn’t call it an unconvincing desire for truth, I would call it a straight accuracy, there was another private discussion if I may say between the kid and the head minister, but after a wise thinking, he decided to have it in front of the municipality’s members and the judges as well for it is now a serious thing to deal with, once everybody got ready, the judge initiated the final trial, the security brought Jimmy with chains on his feet and cuffs on his wrist, his enemies felt good the moment they saw that, on the contrary, people felt secured and elated at the birth of a new hero, both of the lawyers started firing proofs and alibis, not to mention the objections that were found during their onslaught against each other just to plead their defendants, they kept going on and on till everything seemed to have no end, since the head minister paid the judge to have the case to his side, Jimmy’s supporters started to smell loss and continuous misery after they found out the truth, though those deadly proofs signed personally and approved by Mr. Bradley, power of deceit seemed to cover justice and send the reality to hell, when everyone’s dreams were about to crash, came that fella again, but this time he entered in some sort of impertinence and headed directly for the judge shouting: “Your honor……… Your honor, I found this compact disc in that douchebag’s trunk, please play it, and let us finish this dilemma” The judge awkwardly smiled and asked the rushing man: “Before I ask who you are, who are you calling Mr. Bradley douchebag?”, “Mr. Bradley, your honor, and forgive me because I haven’t introduced myself, my name is Jason Stevens, I’m an Internal Affair undercover agent from Utah, I was hired two years ago to keep an eye on the suspect Bradley Johnson for being involved in some corrupted cases, but he always runs away for being powerful”, “Cases such as what?” Asked the judge, “Such as, encouraging the prostitution industry, blackmail and stealing foreign companies, not to mention the new project called (Phoenix the Beautiful) right after his nomination…………. Your honor; instead of keep talking, please play the video”, “How did you get the CD Jason?” Asked the judge, “I broke into his car, I know it’s not my job to do that, but I think that both people in here and there in my home town had had enough, sue me later, but I’m sure that he’s going down this time” answered Jason with a certain spirit, suddenly the whole people inside started muttering in confusion, then screamed Jimmy: “Ah, see? I told you people, I told you your honor” And right after his shout, the court exploded in a bigger havoc, but the judge yelled even louder: “Silence………… I said silence; let me ask you a question Jason, why do I get the feeling that you and Jimmy have being collaborated?”, “Look, my boss sent me here because he knew that there were too much of activities, and since I’m an undercover, I kept asking where the rich people live, and I have been appointed to their neighbourhood, what brought my attention more is that some people told me that there was a weird activity going on in that house, which led me to the Alexia’s, so I went there and found out everything thanks to Jimmy, he let me in and gave me a small signs about his works” The man skipped the part in which he was beat up, he did it just to rush things and finish them once and for all, “Alright then, we’ll see about that, bring the DVD player,………….. Mr. Bradley, what is it with your silence?” Asked the judge, After his decision to play the video clip, the head minister knew that this was it, so he let everything to take its path because this time, there was no way out, and while everybody was waiting for the video to play, it directly started with that devil Bradley Johnson shaking hands of a group of mafia with tattooed and suspicious looking, jewels worn with brag, silky pants and trousers, ugly scars upon their faces, not to mention the bags stuffed with money thrown on the floor, women all over the room as though they were bottles of bear, the video lasted only for one minute and ended up with signed papers that were brought by Jimmy three days ago to the municipality, the judge held his head with both hands, prayed in shock for a while and screamed in anger: “Oh my God…..…!! We have been reigned over by a trash for more than five years people, security…….. Hurry up and take this low to the damn lockup, right now, right now” As soon as they did, Jimmy stood up fast but something came all of sudden and stopped him from addressing the sinner In front the people, he thought that since everything is finally over; why bother and cause another dilemma? And how come they never found out about him even though he used to run everything? Then said to himself: “What a train of consequences!!” The judge ordered the guards to unlock him and set him free, and once they did, everybody started clapping and whistling, Jimmy felt like a hero, though he did uncountable mistakes and got himself embarrassed , eventually, he saved the state and set it free, while everybody were in deep emotions of joy,  Jimmy put his hand in his pocket, pulled that pack of smokes he bought on the way to Utah, opened it in pride, grabbed a cigarette with his left hand, and lighted it up with the right hand, that action made him feel super legendary, then all the noise that was occurring in the court stopped appallingly for a while, stood his father in the back asking: “What are you doing son!?” Then replied the son: “You should thank my crew as well,  and this is exactly what my ideals do all the time, I saw them smoking, so here I am doing it too, I reached my goal and showed my heroic act, you may think of me as lost or misguided, but I’m………….. “ Jimmy harshly fell on the floor, it could be heard the impact of his skull when it hit the ground, his father and the rest of his crew rushed to him in fear, “Hurry up and pick him up, go get an ambulance, quickly” Yelled his father, everybody started to fit in that almost rioting assembly, they acted so anarchistic and took the guards almost half an hour to get them all out, as for Jimmy, it only took them five minutes, the ambulance arrived speedily, took him to the hospital, he was still numb then. After he had been treated with some medications, he woke up in delirium, giddiness and drowsiness looked so clear upon his face, he wearily clenched his fist in some sort of repentance, and bawled his eyes out, as soon as he started apologizing, his precious mommy came over and put his father’s fedora on his chest for he used to have it with him all the time and said: “I understand your every fear honey, you are beloved and have a velvet spirit, but you really are misguided, what you were looking for was right in front of you, you just didn’t ask, you were too stubborn to listen, and now look at you, you are too numb to cry” Said with a sweet tone sealed with a kiss on his forehead, Jimmy tried to beg again for forgiveness but he was stunned when a bunch of anonymous people came in suddenly just to check on him and thank him, they longed for news of him, but it all ended up just fine, and in abrupt paroxysm, he realized that he just had an odyssey of a lifetime that was worth being remembered in the history of Arizona.

By Soualah Mohammad Sofiane (Old Times Draftings, enjoy it and feel free to comment)

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