Jane Austen.


Known simply by this name, Jane was an English novelist and a writer very famous works alongside decent reputations due to her characterizing a very sincere plot that is class struggle, mainly social commentary, humour and The Gentry of England at the time and mainly women’s rights on marriage for a better security of life quality and outcomes of orientations in relevance to both traditional values and the country’s economical status, Jane’s most prominent works were Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Sense of Sensibility, Mansfield Park and many other famous novels that some of them were unfinished and still managed to get inside the wheel being created as a movie plot, or a literary anthology.

Jane at the time, was famous of of her honest rejection to the sentimentalism movement that took several figures and scholars by storm, considering these works and scholars as anti-realism to the fact of traditional habituations of writing were excoriated and thus exasperated to a level of inferior comprehension of a true meaning to the realism needed at the time.

Her novels are scrupulously invested in modern TV screenplays and movies, theatre and newly developed versions of her very own works.

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