James Augustine Aloysius Joyce, a luminary of a big time foundations the world of literature, he was an Irish novelist, a writer of short stories and poetry, a literary critic and a major contributor to the Stream of Consciousness popping in his Ulysses novel, Finnegan’s’ Wake, Dubliners that is a collection of short stories, A Portrait of The Artist as a Young Man; as this was an unfinished novel yet did acclaim him the profound deliberations of his artistic esteem to the literary devices he originated, the humour and the sense of depicting allusions this time in an autobiographical style.

James was rather more open to publishing his first works through magazines and nearby countries such Trieste, Zurich and Paris, in which he had a crossover of working as an English teacher for several institutions and schools. most of his works are posthumously replayed through many sources of entertainments and TV screenplays, plays and actual series of modern day memorial of literary figures, his touchstone in the history helped influence a great line of writers and authors, Samuel Beckett, Jorge Luis Borges and Robert Anton Wilson.

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