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Geopolitics in Philosophy (Part2).

It is an absolute power for the dilettante creationist to overthink a great matter such as the world’s unification, with ramifications of very feeble and interdisciplinary machineries whose dispositions go for the cultural backgrounds and their outstanding virility in representing a single factoid of distinction, and by distinctions in the abstract; it gets to one’s state of mind that the geopolitical facts of adjoining powers over a signified ideal, and that is a perspective which neglects the staunchly subsidiary of those powers that have been forcefully joined on account of several cases and matters, and that which also for the very overt perspective that does bring about an emphasis of a redundancy to the other worlds, as to their calibers being consumed and thus to no vain those very efforts made with superb orientations yet too tiresome to be realized in such a modern time, a time of the truest of all owners who have emphasized their establishment quite a long time ago, and set sales for those whose distinctive advantages’ pending upswing has finally ravaged itself to the ground; completely indisposed and unable to retrieve none but being unified on account of nonsensical sense of unifications, and such is a modernly philosophical arising of flavoring yet the term best supported and esteemed in such a modern globe, needless to stupefy the lugubrious sense of realization to the entire world’s populations; and hence over a profusion of matters and cases, benefits and that of peculiar acts of menacing steaks and rather more; the prejudiced nature of being a nation based solely on that very prejudice that is its backbone of life’s continuity, and a prejudice that is a sheer God-given resourcefulness of defensive calibers and that of attitudes against everything. Consequently, mirandizing a perspective over the obsessive idea of bringing the world altogether and neglecting so brazenly its foundations with alibis of interdisciplinary needs, judicious conformations that have become a worldwide issue and most importantly, the world’s lugubrious sense of safety, and still several points which still wine off every peeking thoughts of genuine ideals as they somewhat begin to incline believing the world’s actual and factual states of happening; a plain downward spiral as though an epidemic fracture that has been beguiled into a rather myth to fall for on account of humanity and never fix, yet more decorative embroidering the more spleen that affects the sense of balance which barely embarks upon righteousness, and so surely for the world’s population to get around the one hand that forcefully interferes everything and has ready solutions for a non-inevitable cessation to any designated case; is just a murky point of view over driving the global outlook on safety merely insane and so it happens every single nanosecond in the sense of superstitious events, or else the domineering hand which has so long and ultimately planted the roots of fright and fierceness into the moral foundations of humanity indeed, and as the latter keeps on the grounds of defense and acceptance in a very ungentrified and multi-faceted epitome of ire and awe.

The reachability of philosophy to the vastly rabid and prevalent in core and essence geopolitical backbone of power and domination is quite behemoth, yet philosophy has come to subdue the mask of geopolitical filthiness, and mainly its subversive mechanism of driving round each corner of inevitability and depopulating the aspects of notions and their whereabouts of wars in profusion of everything; wars of psychological and fundamentally prescribed to demolishing the solid grounds of etiquettes, beliefs and even those meekly pristine standardized segments of some implemented decencies, and as such plateau of philosophical orientations that acclimatize referentially the truest of all meanings of the traumatic fall-out of the world into the hands of inferences, and thus unpetrified where more caution would be focused on following the easiest way of fulfilling certain regimes of regulations, and the sense of individualism would usually become the performant touchstone of static realizations and hectic motion in expediting any global movement.

The faithfulness to humanity has gone so far to swing nearby the helpless situation of all; a caliber of a multi-faceted and a sacrificial self-importance whose sacrum comes from the very sides of higher power and lower one, and without any elaborate points to tackle for those to blame generally, and every decadent hallmarks of bouncing back from a bad deed to a good one is universally banned from righteousness, so simply due to the normalcy of humans’ actions through time as they uselessly failed to prove right each idea of evolutionary and atoning perspectives, and though some authenticity in expressing the most dreadfully represented feelings of repentance and remorse; facts about humanity’s atrocity and disembarking upon logical clarifications based solely on very short-termed ideals, visions and standards have and will be just the sheer alibi of a casuistry of livelihood, the fuel of a very temporary and sacrilegious points to redeem ultimately the truthfully perceived unfaithful human being once gauged beyond the realms of credibility and universal qualities; by that those concerned with finding about the clueless paths of humanity to its origins apart and astray.

And each rabid growth of a demonically perceived and politically contracted underneath the vow of one generation blithe and slavish, that is the mere ventriloquism submission of humanity as it destroys its own iconoclastic beliefs of radical intuitions towards any suspicious movements, and be it from then on the rhythm of cease-fire upon every regulation claustrophobic become those parades of humanity evolutionary theories whose standards face none but the feeble ambushes of higher powers with plain caliber of standpoints manipulated and set upon the artistic point of view of unifications of all sorts and despite the populations’ beliefs, and thus marching before the upswing of forceful acceptances and excesses: a point of illogical plateau where watering them for the sake of livelihood gets to be a frail thing to cling to rather philosophically, as a battle from then won’t suffice the philosophical mindset to scrutinize and cross-examine solutions and bargains quite desperately. And still for the aspects of derelictions to come upon the features of intellectuality and blow off steam of each effort made for any utopian standpoint, caliber and that of a notion which promenades that designated sense of harmonic and very staunchly compartments of decency above all supplicated and provided in the myriad of the heaven-like mindset; and here upon the prejudiced subject matters of humanity within the margins of trials and tribulations, the platform whose caliber of all strength above all has come to fail humanity’s motion towards their goals established in conceit yet bargained with everything that would fittingly reconcile and bend the foundations in spite of all, and truthfully as any tin god would have desired for situations to be in the aftermath of any outcome, so much as the truthful figure of sacrificial relaxations that have always been based respectfully on the grounds stood figuratively decent when a decision was to address the public, as several discords would create what a differentiated aspect might have disapproved all along; a moonshine and thus a problematic case study which originated from a non-common and a non-mutual universal subject matter shared by humans, a sense of similarity, conclusively; the sting of a universal pandemonium, and there floods the hectic horror mainstream of investing chaos to be righteously necessary, in the figure and delicate sense of elaboration; to be in the anarchistic point of view a right to be proud of, to be able to stand for grounds that have never been overt and brazen unless stained and dishonoured with a deceitful mask so far philosophy has been the sole trail blazer which sorted its way through to break any demonic reasoning out of the enchained damnation of adjoining the world in one fedora of nonsensical foundations; of a recurring non-sequiturs and dumb decisions of a grand political establishments yet too substandard that designated fellowships to be put together for the sake of a place to live. This is the trendy and groovy groundbreaking of founding the best place to live; the haven of the scoundrels who managed to weaken man’s listless will and temerity into a helpless perspective rather easily played out with each decisive point that the higher power once prolific with their notions; humanity was trained and will still be trained to bring about all kinds of support to what would not serve them better yet serve those in grand sense of domineering grounds of domination, vengeance out of no reasoning, and populations of the world that follow the flow are the moribund in flakey mindset of a feeble caliber and a shaky standpoint; yet philosophy, it is the single universe in the universe which will always be able to confront any satire and over-persecuted regulations of any founded platform, and hence any posted to the public as the nearly perfected rule whose defiance is impossibility; the grounds of geopolitics in philosophy are of sheer bloody deviations that would fall apart now that the deference of philosophy still cooperates to bring it down universally.

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  1. I am not interested in literature quite wholeheartedly however I would adore diving in the ocean of literacy and sophisticating issues that do nothing but help our minds improve. I congratulate you for this outstanding platform that I regard fruitful and efficient for the common good.

    1. Indeed it is my friend, yet keep in mind that Philosophy, literature and much more than the common points that bring those two respcts together is a simple tool that is called ” Philosophizing ” and thus only for the sake of the philosophical mindset any person would have happened to have… so your sense of diving into the literacy of lofty and sophstication is a requisite thing for you to re-fall in love with literature and philosophy regardless of the orientation you may have. Thanks a lot for your care and attention.

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