Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky was a novelist, philosopher and an essayist whose touch and works permeated way too deep within the realm of literature, and acclaimed him the epitome of so many famous figures and writers in the aftermath of his departure from the scene. Fyodor’s works have always been related to several fields and subjects then that he haled from a delicate timing when Russia was witnessing a trials and tribulations of Political, Social and Religious woes within the entire classes of society, these scars round the country and people; actually pushed him to begin commenting at an early age and discover his cravings for writing, he did excel in it and managed eventually to foster huge figures with enormous breakthroughs; guys like Friedrich Nietzsche, Anton Chekov, and Jean Paul Sartre, as these heavy duty pioneers would mean so much to modern days of case studies of scientific researchers more than enough, and the fact that Dostoevsky’s touchstone has prevailed everywhere, it does get to be a blast now we feel so attached to his style, and sometimes vet that our works must be like his stunningly.

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