Freedom in our time as El-Shami stated its withdrawal from its origins, mainly when everyone says “I am Free” this does not render the full meaning of being free merely …………. At this point, we got rid of disabilities and moved to religion and laws, “The Free Independent Woman” is the red line of any given community; and thus society. A freedom ardent would desire to be stripped of every erstwhile experiences, a female Freedom ardent however; when asked about her disposition, the answer by all means would declare the fact that being one’s self, yet the Liberals does not really get to be themselves, their freedom is rather Animalistic than candidly Humane.

We Mankind were created by the Supreme Being’s Almightiness constituting four features, featuring a divine respect that is Mercy, Forgiveness and Favouritism, second feature that is the angelic one; the love for Help, Servitude and Obedience, as for the demonic feature; it contains Evil, Vengeance and Hatred, the Animalistic feature lastly goes to both Instinct and Lust, Liberals thereby perceive the Animalistic part to be Freedom, that is to say; one would act instinctively and lustfully; the Liberals account for laws and legislations as a suffocating tool that refrain their flow of Freedom, whereas laws intend to protect than to provide punishment, the laws were also put out there to state things and manage others, its origins as well as the system that pragmatically ease one ‘ life; comes all the way to Religion, despite of the Monotheism’s massive growth and fellowship, we the Muslims were exalted with the Holy Quran that literally never missed a single gap unedited, this Holy book gave rights and clarified several patterns of life challenges, yet for Liberals, it does feel quite pleasurable to consider Islam as the main figure of obstruction, and frankly demeaning their Animalistic inclinations, eroding their regulations over life, as both visualizations of Islam today; would mean to title the same annoyance to them after all; though the genuine standpoint of Islam does not stand for conniving acts of today.

Radical Islam is decidedly what Liberals took in mind and unleashed their furious nature of being an Animalistic; even when supportively backing their reactions by quoting for Karl Marx “Is Religion the Opium of the People” as this would be backed correctly due to its credibility in each ear ever lived, Religion is what causes the people to change, if we get bad, it gets worse, if we eschew it, we get bad as well, yet if we follow the truest of all ways of Islam, we’d realize our Rights, perform our Duties and live our Lives wholeheartedly.

Being part of Freedom means that we announce peace towards one another vigorously, being free; truly means that we retain our rights and follow a set of laws and rules that were set to be respected and fanatically overridden by the fact that Freedom is more like Humane than plainly Animalistic.

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