Elizabeth Gaskell.


Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell, aka Mrs Gaskell; she was an English novelist, short story writer and a biographer whose onus for literature went too vigorous to tackle matters such as the Victorian societies, class struggles at the times of oppressions and societal woes, and pretty much acted like a nexus to discussing morality and historical events through literature, her works include a profusion of genuine figure that still keeps her legacy and awe till this day. Mrs Gaskell was more like a drowned person within herself due to the Religious beliefs she rather kept for herself, however; she did share some of her standpoints concerning the class struggles she tackled thoroughly in every piece of her work, it was her persona that appeared in her works for being a tidy decently trimmed individual; and being brought up within a rural vicinity, it shaped pretty much her orientations of writing convolutions, and thus is today’s legacy. Elizabeth is one hell of a decent addition you wish to keep and praise in the literature’s realms.

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