Richard Horatio Edgar Wallace, known by the plain name of Edgar Wallace, he was a British writer, author and a journalist with a tremendous deal of success into everything he managed to write, most of his works cited for thrill and non-fiction greatly, poetry and screenplays that got magnificent accolade to modern day movies; having managed to write a great deal of them, he prolifically published his works in several journals and magazines, as most of them raised his profile to writing even outside the vicinity of England, this latter pushed him rapidly to write such great success beyond his status of a mere writer, the King Kong film was purely of Edgar’s work still prevailing till now with new versions each time from its first debut as a story and a movie as well.

his thread of work helped hi expand his writings criteria to the extent of writing Plays, Novels with African flavour, Crime and Thriller novels, Science Fiction as a crossover, even Collections of Poetry and Short Stories. His inclinations helped him find a way to the American soil, from which he manged to write actual screenplays to be demonstrated as short movies, in theatre a generally plays, his very first The Hound of Baskervilles, thereby moving to Hollywood was thanks to his reputable affiliation to writing pretty much about everything it has ever contributed in, and thus where his superfluous career enhanced even more notwithstanding his erstwhile one that also did succeeded tremendously.

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