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Brave New World.

My Research on Aldous Huxley's Brave New World remarkable Novel.

The power to deter the amazement into modern aspects of evolution, technology, revolution of each sort supported by folks and the wronged sense of inclusion whether utopian or dystopian; it is of compliance and unedited determination of humane’s most precious desires to live by, and put up with peril and still compromise. It is the lure to be victorious and be that winning disposition. And such a very eclectic manners, attitude and even behavior if genuinely told off on a civilization that is right to blame; is the simple dedication to being committed to something authentic and unreal in its given representations of keeping us staggered and astounded, it is a desirous state of mind that yearns for foolishness of the credulity built in us, as over following whatever higher power has had to offer to us, and we get to catch the beautified and the spoiled by years of malice and slyness; the fact that it is all manmade, either ways higher power or poorly inserted orientations, theories, sense of extremities, births of anti habits of disengagements, disassociations, dislocations, disbeliefs and each initiative that is societal; and is therefore provocative of causing hubbub then an unwanted uprising, leastways thoughtfully wistful along the ways for men to stand their grounds from the pandemonium we live and see in this amalgamating Brave New World.

And a proper introductory to the research paper of the Brave New World term, or the very original book’s title by Aldous Huxley, also, the fact that the title which seems to be a cosmic deal that is incredibly appealing to all standards of thoughts, even our modern standardized comprehension of the constantly evolving world we live in today, and in unusual and eerie bravery it astounds and shocks the speed following such a plateau of lifestyle, mindsets, self-importance and even livelihood we reckon as of today. The deal whatever it is in the origins of the staunchly sense of expression in a rapidly evolving world, and being brave about it too, is the fact that it is all entitled unto progressive point of view as a lot to account for since the world somewhat decided let go of indecency, ethics in certain beliefs and all that was graceful and meek-clinging sort of a way, it became a totality of invading the new world’s motion, and all it stands for of the blended sense of additions in it, none is original and that was the point since the get-go of the beliefs being poured into one big melting pot of risen to stardom and trampled down below activisms, initiatives and each sort of direct wanting, and even faster response to the expected subservience as though regime floating around.

Brave New World (1932) by Aldous Huxley:   

Despondency or vim throughout this book is immense, and from which it was announced as to a lot of our twenty first century Zeitgeist, the way the world simply gets to be, and what meanings for aspects like family, love, marriage and basically children being brought up to life, it was not as procreation; and was instead actual making of babies in factories. And what came to marring, and fundamentally elimination based on the story held in the book’s plot, was the fact that lots of bad happenings which made people’s status seriously deteriorate and get very bad, loss, diseases, pain, freedom, senescence, religion, god, passion, happiness and more characterizations which identified human being and the things that they do in life, things that are versatile, instable, emotional, spontaneous, malicious and a lot to get from men and the things they do.

And such all-times features are met with a ferocious opposite, and that is technology and being compliant to it, complaisant and irrevocably fatal of following it. In the book, a factory hops on the idea of producing actual babies, and bringing them up on unusual standards that men know by heart, yet those, are met to be with what was being taught otherwise, the perceived behavior of such a very odd stability, utopian joy and happiness unlike never before, then a life free of any engagements of sex, love, marriage and procreation eventually is marked through the plot of the novel.

Yet such a worship of technological coverage of one’s life, truly did begin appearing haywire, when folks of the very perfect world, or World State throughout the whole story, it begins to exasperate and gets on the brink of internal damage, and that damage was people being made, or biologically optimized by certain drugs called SOMA, that damage was people being tired of themselves dehumanized and diverged off course of human wonder of instability; the beauty of everything, instability being super relevant to fatality of existence in life, and such a pretty paradox was no match to what technology worshiping; to the book, and could not have been sympathized with all the circumstances that meant to destroy the essence of humanity; which is simply flaws. And then more of characters conflicts with one another, and that of the themes made to collide on purpose, plus the entourage for them which eased the process of such a regimented colossus of technology against men, unrivalled, unedited and if so, the ultimate point of contradistinction will appear to be more than cosmic and cause grave malfunction to the thinking and acting in the state of normalcy to anybody.

Yet, that more characters’ conflicts were mainly focused on how humanity finds its way back to roots of indulgence, and mainly being addicted to being free and liberated, being old and suppressed by a universal fear, which is religion and god. That more characters’ conflicts also, recognized that even when it is a story being told, there was still paradox within the community that promotes thus and whatnot, will still have doubts from within, and those doubts either ways rejoice through praise and the excess of conformity to what higher orders seem to grant and willingly push through it inexorably, or, follow the motion and lead the way, but remains still, that originality when up to snuff, and that is human nature as it sacks all the aspects that eliminate it or even threaten its existence, and basically originality in the sense of a driven mechanism that is humane, stuffed with instability and flaws, it is gauged and hemmed in resolutions of unfaithful laws which are manmade to suit certain calibers, and certain ideals fragile and feeble to last.

And practically, Aldous gave pretty much all possibilities which his Zeitgeist, the other after him, and many of other stages and other plateaus of Zeitgeist either ways, performant or not in their lifestyle, comprehension of its conceptions, getting through it, orienting better livelihood while in it, being committed and dedicated to and an endless list of certain trials and tribulations and even possible pitfalls which harden certain ideas, and cause downward havoc. Aldous also gave, what might have been, would have been and even should have been the same sequel to follow for the common frame of mind, and that is, humanity and its sense of monotony, also, he speculated very well when he portrayed the baby human made at a factory, and that, emotions being emptied out throughout the total absence of stability, or; qualities and things that human represent in their lives.

My own thoughts on such a universal and dormant theory herein:

Alongside the recent Zeitgeist, and all its suspicions of the dormant regulations we live by, stand by and for; are of modernism related caliber that delivers the comprehensions of our absolute and insatiable clinging to the plateau of life as of today. And the resolutions paved and laid for the world, aliased brave and new, even pristine alongside other generations to come and present their conceptions on life, is nonetheless, a true of a story that came out of immersive sense of instability and flaws suppressing the human nature and its nature of versatility, indulgence, unreal, awkward and untimed sense of abstinence, also, the groovy and trendy sense of fellowship across the sense of credulity in believing the such of certain world motion.

The factoid of stultification/monotony: 

And is of monotonous credibility to see humanity’s motion unto the repetitive creativity academic, democratized, mundane in the backbone of reproduction of offspring ideologies and improper affiliations with radical and extreme realms of thoughts, and livelihood too; since coming up close to the margins of nothingness begins to snatch away the sense of enthusiasm and hope into bringing about a rebirth to the let go of technological orientations and their follow-ups of killing softly, gently and less gracefully if so ever done before, the fact that killing becomes a must of escaping human nature in a sordid sense of stultifying restrictions just happened to create, visualize and supposedly have folks of such modern Zeitgeist contemplate and ponder mostly, negative sensations towards the future that searches through universally as people do the same in return.

And dramatic as it gets is the submission and slavish esteem for the half performed entitlements which grab our attentions, and seek through our love and emotions for the facts we like to be labeled by, sometimes, the qualities we think we once have represented throughout the years a timeline and a longevity our eyes observed, then, it is always the benefit of the doubt since the marked desires and unwanted one do accumulate as though wanting to punish the peril we come by in the name of our clinging to the necessity crucial to our act of living.

And by the Brave New World truly as it is a theory which is true in core, goes thence for the austere sense of living, and hence worse, the standardized rules created as though on impulse; rather launched before and repeated out of the nonentity of hazardous creativity, and which is killed based on our choice of killing it in thus, ways of losing to desires of our own productions, and in productions of godspeed demise to the frail men’s wishfulness in comparison to the customized etiquettes unparallel to no one lineup of label, then easily manipulated and such a by-product Brave New World; it gets to be ever since its authentic dormant existence; as to the frightening speed of evolution compared profoundly to the credulity and instability of human being incredibly unable to handle the futility of modern evolutionary and technological advances as they increase in the amount of mesmerizing our far-reaching reveries, although chimerical what we want time to time very irritating, but still the desire, the emotion for it and the snatch are to perilously cause our clinging to a frail bravery into investing serious timing, efforts and factual expectations to live up off of modern inclinations to all that technology brought about, from its toddling round, to its little sparkles and slow then explosive in strides outburst of the time we are in. It is the liability in absolute visualizations by men, and for the lack of security and people expediting what resources of better lifestyle has become the actual sacrifices of human nature that is all about instability.

The more instability, the better it is life although ensnared by the universally dormant Brave New World and its lugubriously laborious core of existence, the more beautiful life being short and would not have to last in uncanny perfection, in fact, it would have been marred, precisely in the real story made by Aldous Huxley, as therein, life is practically pointless and seemingly a cyborg is taking place and living up to standards of humane qualities. It is then, in our modern Zeitgeist of the twenty first century, is the extravagant and doubled to lameness our approach to being credulous to believe that our bravery throughout years of nailing the best we could in each Zeitgeist counted deeply by its founders, it is then, the factoid of our inability which wrongs our implications and constant consensus of the fact that it would have been fine in time, and as more normalcy and counterfeited lies of safe havens created, and even added to embroider the hazard and naivety rather portrayed in compatibility of the best, of the bravest and the least to think of dangerous and prone to prompt a catastrophe, it is by then simply, the motion unto the same direction; The Brave New World and its facts of rabid existence in the way of indoctrinating the means of living, and controlling it to suit the fragility of the quest for the so-called stability, and that is too abnormal and too absurd to be true, and cannot be achieved nor conducted unless hammered as though a fairy tale, an exact one like that in the real story of Brave New World where humanity perishes using its own hand and its very ownership of such a demise.

But the better demise is when gauged when more rounds of self-importance raises against the odds of the Modern Zeitgeist, and becomes the sole and lunar entity that stands the ground of living to derogatory, abominable, despicable and grotesque standardized of etiquettes that do not represent the human aspect of kindness, and all to demise with a beat-up disposition that wear none but its barely concealed truth of ugliness in handlings, of confronting the badly steered mechanism of doing good to people while confronting in normalcy; of a case or two, the harm caused in the name of control, decadence, ascendency and that of the gelded narcissism as beautified to be a modest, and a must to own and earn, yet even fiendishly empowered by the idiosyncratic head-start that pushes the low down that time nowadays; or in Modern Zeitgeist, is a time that is hefty of the Brave New World criteria and all it stands for of the necessary evil prevailing in each corner of one’s entourage, and how individualism reacts to act in negligence, the payback against the little stability one could have, but is profoundly envious of by the others, and vice versa. And that also, each characteristic is exhumed of grace and clemency when discussed out of the philosophical notion of sharing, and providing succor, even a trail blazer sort of a pioneering front of humane cooperation of getting around to bigger contradistinctions of love and hate, good and bad badly exercised, toleration and unbearability, clinging and letting go also; badly calculated, and the never ending list of such mixed up feelings are then; ponderous of change every single time due to our good nature of kind, and the darkest side of our time compelling us to comply to ill-mannered behavior, as a how to menu mechanism and that, ain’t no humanity to exist no more with qualification of upgrading to the better unless in different communities and worlds; and which are rarely found in the respect of First, Second and other Worlds paying the attention rooted into their bloods of abilities and inabilities of the get-real standards against that of the get-real standardized traits of optimizing as though a big sucker for this Brave New World sense of trickery to what we do, stand for and comply with intentionally; whether we knew we existed to be suitable enough or not to the loss of our inner humanity.

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