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In the plight of the economical crisis Algeria is going through, leaders of the country recently fathomed that it is high time for petrol as a major reliance to be off the table; and the substitute is to be the natural sources provided by mother nature, fortunately; these sources are outdoor giveaway graces, alternative such as Solar Energy; Wheat ranches and other vital resources; is likely to direct Algeria remarkably decent, and optimize the struggle pounding asunder the Third world countries.

Meanwhile the permanent quagmire of our local problems is the same as outside, the conflicting currency changes and the stern manipulation of its flow, the lackadaisical efforts of improving it in spite of every coming year and its supplemental agenda of agriculture and industry; if well-treated with the proper surveillance that merely seems to act as an adequate possibility to suppress the country’s conundrum, but each year comes with different leaders and dissimilar notions of what would be more appropriate to ascertain the final goal.

Algeria now owns a vast desert that is capable of holding plenty of farms of grains and legumes; and profusion of firms of the most cardinal needed materials we intend to strengthen our economy with, this cause us sufficiency and the certainty of these products to be exported, whereas the technological side with its overt upswing that is now on the edge of the overseas peddling; needs the profitable care of an encouraging style, in terms of buying local brands and preventing importation as the slogan of the growing Algeria, which tackles a tumescent wave of enlightenment mainly towards the people who are now combating the austerity that is draining the public budgets. In this respect; the odds of an outstanding success relies particularly on the strides put as a challenge, as well as the conscience deemed by the people to maintain a winning attitude dealing with such situations, the energy part is supervised naturally enough; with attempts to initiate but hardly falls apart because of the lacking attention, Wind and Solar utility of all aspects; substitute a wide range of constant; ready-made production to both in and out of the Algerian soil, in that the tools of achieving such aim is never the foreign companies that seek to invest; but is the local ones that thread their ways through the sabotage that the country is losing to, the government knows better to open gates of help to such significant machinery we need today.

The perspective of understanding this crisis is an actual cease-fire ability to the ultimate vicinity of self-reliance applied wholeheartedly. What both government and people recognize eventually is that the concealing goods buried in our country are far more appreciable than to be left, and they manageably feed heaps of nations including us and our economy to refresh once again.

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