She was the Diva that remade the history of Hollywood on account of their breakthrough in the fields of Pictures and Fashion symbols, the foundations of Music and Arts very much in accordance with her own flow of the artistic aspects, and the tumult she experienced due to her selection of thus path and pattern she chose over everything coming near her at the time, the phenomenal Marilyn Monroe who vouched to leave her mark and hype upon the hearts and resorts of many of those who paved her the way, and ended up stunned by her featuring every decent features ever invested throughout her career, being the symbol, the sample and the prodigy that succoured kick start those foundations she aced real good.

As her moniker took the world by storm at the time, and still is being remembered till this day, Norma Jeane Mortenson was born in Los Angeles the state of California in 1926, of a middle class family with an unknown feather, she had an ordinary, stable and happy life with a background of the very household or foster family she was raised in, early at a young age she fell in love with acting and love for being behind the camera, yet when Norma gets to be your every day coming-of-age typical person who comes from the nothingness of what a household could provide of guidance and tenderness to one’s safest zones and recklessness to ever develop eroding the whereabouts of any given individual, she got married at the age of fifteen and began experiencing mature things that instantly pushed her to the plateau of her own desires and dreams, at the age of eighteen, she joined the world of modeling and managed to thread her way through; feeling rather unedited and fully potent to the additions and auditions as well she briskly moved to and gained super fast accolade and fame. From that on, she never stopped sharing her uniquely drawn and naïve visions of Art while beaming her won sweet qualities with the rest of the company and the world, and she never failed performing them all even when she went out of the American soil, she did excel in her thing professionally.

Following the strides she stepped up to dream of and cling on to so staunchly, she also had that partial life of her own where it got extremely piled up with the excessive sense of fame and lack of relaxations; she always implied the notion of being insecure and trapped with her own cage, in and out of the vicinity of being at the spotlight, and while floating around to bring back her shine in Hollywood after a hiatus and some crossovers of both singing, acting and modeling, she went to England to invest another successful career and did excel in it too; though facing troubles with Hollywood filing lawsuits and dilemmas that followed her every time and every where she went; by the time being prosecuted and hemmed in because of the American Pictures, they still wanted her back and agreed on forgetting and letting go of the grim past as she always referred it strongly since her childhood and perception of life round her. This much of success back then and now still billboards her pictures, poses and names everywhere and every time memorial celebrations and ceremonies come around to commemorate hall of fame superstars and pioneers of any particular aspect of Music and Arts in general.

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