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A Glimpse at the Arabian Nights’ Book Review.

Bibliographic Information:

      First edition of 1885-88 in ten volumes.
Supplemental edition in six volumes bound in seven parts.
Printed by the Burton Club For Private Subscribers Only.


The frame story of the tales that appear in the sense of imaginary respect were first introduced in the Arabian Nights in the first pattern of fantasy in literature; the race to a better book of several stories which originated under multiple nationalities; has gained massive influence and impact on other civilizations too, especially the English Literature.

Places the book in a context:

The fact that Richard Burton has prepared many steps for writing the Arabian Nights; he took advantage of his expertise as an explorer and a traveler who wrote about everything he travelled to, his experiment with the Arabic culture helped shape his insights of the Arabian Nights book of Fantasy, and though when he did; he was raced to the act of translation yet he managed to create his own, nonetheless; his version came early to Britain and served the right entrance for many writers in his hometown at that time.

Statement about book’s genre and potential significance:

The book’s genre was likely to create a chaotic influence before being translated into many other languages; but the fact about its structure made clear that the potentials of are to be influential and entertaining more than to that of educating as a thought to be, nevertheless; the Arabian Nights once was famous of its deep fantasy, it gave birth to the techniques which later succeeded easily by many writers around the globe.

Overall Evaluation:    

The style that Richard worked in accordance with what was excessive and erotic; was the very style that applied a very close insight of the Arabian cultural background of their love for the lavish life, Richard clearly intended to uncover the entire details of the lives back then, which worked as he desired it to be.

Summary of the Book:   

In that the commencing events of the Arabian Nights were due to the acts of killing by the king Shahrayar to every newly-married wife; knowing that they cheated on him the very next day, until he met Shehrazad and married her to become his queen as every other one before, this queen knew how to stall her death by telling him incomplete stories at every night; providing that she continues telling them tomorrow so that she would grow his excitement and prevent her death.

On account of the plot and the setting of the Arabian Nights; there was no precise origins to the book story-telling ever since it was told; then written, the source is still anonymous but the unique style of it came to show a united point of view of how fantasy in literature at that time took place, not only in a few countries close to one another in Asia; but also to the other side of the countries of some Arabian sources as well.

It would be very difficult to find the original insertion of the Arabian Nights stories in the field of the real Arabian people and society; as history proclaimed to show the only way it happened at that time was because of the trading and the merchants that enormously helped prevail the echo of the work; and rather more accurate was due to those legends and myths that were used to be told as a part of entertaining than informing, this has grew a bigger interest in the merchants and the writers too; to find a better way to reach for the conclusion that helped shape a final resolution to the myths picked from other cultures and communities was the idea of writing the Arabian Nights in a set of collective stories.

Indicating the value for readers:       

The main notes appearing in the book are to be found in the difference amongst the cultural background of the fairy tales in the entire setting, some stories are of original Asian origins and intend to mention the magical part; as a sign of the religious beliefs held at the heart of that community, as well as the significant role of the plots and characterization were the launch of the Arabian communities for the stories came to add their own points of both traditional and religious standards. The reader herein is found to be tired of making remarkable on account of reviewing this piece of literature precisely; a reader is always confused at the idea of being accurate of maintaining a certain reading style to understand every sort of an idea in the story.

Restatement of overall impression and recommendation:  

In addition to the major layout that the stories were represented in the first place, the intention behind this so called One Thousand and One Nights was to keep the rhythm of story-telling continuous and chaotically laid, that is to say; any story is always told without an end to it; a story is either finished in a mysterious way or unfinished due to the coming one in a different order and style, a fact that the king Shahrayr had to live with every night.

Consequently the marvellous Arabian Nights had shared so much things in common with fantasy and literature enthusiast; and though uncertainly clear in terms of origins and sources, still had illustrated the true shape of fantasy in its early commence, whereas literature on the other hand was in the realm of the Arabian Nights; acting as a second hand to the extent of a combination that successfully laid the plan of the mysterious Arabian Nights.

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