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A Drafting Note with Onus and Miscellany.

I have always been proud of the deep collaborations amongst the association we work with, in which we encourage the procedures of persistent standards according to the credibility of our slogans of work, to defend life and health, future, choice and education, which therefore gives new decisions to the nature of what we do, work and believe amiably, this life helps us achieve more new ideas and inserts a very sensible relationship within the entourage we would like to represent; in the form of educational, governmental criteria, this sense of leadership will always protect the direction we intend to show every time we promote for our standards.

The Anti-Consumerism is a very known sociopolitical ideology and movement that prevents the excessive acts of buying products in the way of a total corruption for the economical state of any country, it is mainly concerned with the actions related to the companies and corporations that try to control this act in a form of a protective and environmental matter. I personally have always desired to make a change from where I live, in which I organized a plenty of events that rose the awareness of the amount of production bought by the people with no sense of the failing results for these actions that weaken our economy, this Anti-consumerism began around an approximate year in 1899, which so far built a deep and useful awareness to the various types of people who are concerned with any types of living. Its main sense of activity is criticizing advertizing, and the huge impact it brainwashed citizens with, this movement works so hard to reduce the ridiculous ways of promoting for the meaningless products, as the target group have always been both citizens of all classes, as well as the biggest corporations and companies, this movement was financed through the political ideology for its remarkable use in which the world’s motion in the future will be related to such severe programs.

My role as a member of the human rights is to maintain the drive for the social change throughout the exact order of our government, as a formal member in the organizations; I seek to know the amount of results and cores we indicate through our missions of providing help in its major form.

There happened to be several patterns of making good contact with the other side of every cultural background, and that is the associations in both formal and informal intention bound by one goal of a well-respected life, which are the rights and the duties towards the citizens round the globe, such procedures which work correctly in both regular and professional lifestyle for me as a member.

I have always been interested in expanding my futuristic visions for further zealous commitments, in which first of all I seek the promotion that would raise my level to a higher position only if I do and compete better against any given type of odds; secondly, it is the impact I am bound to make in favour of the life challenges that always look for quality active member, so far, these two initiatives are to make a clear statement for my goals from a beginner to this life to an official pioneer at something someday; which all be performed by the timing and the quality work I should provide, these basics I am depending on will open many chances for me since I chose commitment to be my only drive and force to keep joining the strides herein, in which leadership as well plays a significant role while I am making my ways throughout the designated procedures of work.

The next few years will be very persistent and rewarding in accordance with my both personal and professional life, it is the complete program which drives the desire of me being a major part of such life challenges in every part of them, from an active member to a higher position which matches my dream job to work a great number of bridged opportunities, luckily both of my goals are now of common interests, And that is the bigger impact the better for my little panel of experiences.

I am a firm believer that my entourage has inspired me so much to be involved in such movements and therefore a prelude on the horizons to hit the impact I seek to ascertain, clearly landing very powerful round the world with benefits and utility to all classes of citizens, so far in our modern world, it is education, poverty, lack of awareness, rights and duties and especially the future which gather them all under one goal of amelioration.

The most significant challenges in today’s world and especially in our own entourage, is the truth which does not seem to apply the citizens’ appreciation for the grace of a strong economy and a better country, things which we can use for our own advantage and dream bigger with other highly developed countries, problems such as both governmental and people corruption towards the country, as well as the dead conscience especially when compared to the lack of awareness.

The most credible constitution which helps young leaders enhance their performance in leadership in every aspect of life to me personally, I think it does bring a good result for my work in societal changes because it provides the right tools and programs in my field of the collaborations to being a better person, I would prefer to focus on the detailed art of leadership that only deals the systematic ideals of deepening the social problems and solving them in the most beneficial way.

I have always been interested in the charitable organizations in general, which this latter turned my attention to the fact that omnipresence is notably known for its impact and fame as the most fascinating, most credible and achievable sense of hectic motions in the entire world, and since I am intrigued to know more and learn better, I decided to be the onus as every thrust themselves to do assertively.

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Greetings, My name is Sofiane, I am a Theorist, a Philosopher and an enthusiastic writer of several fields, and pretty much the sphere of Literature and its vast aspects such as Creative Writing and Critical Thinking wholeheartedly, this Blog is yet an example of what our community can provide to the world with the cornerstone of bursting to the colossus of intellectuality vigorously.

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